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TDR: The Lord is my shepard

* Off the bench *

Girl, same.

* Leading off *

March Madness - Sweet 16

Last night: The good lord is defffffinitely looking over No. 11 Loyola. Shout out Sister Jean for the extra prayers. They beat No. 7 Nevada by one point last night and will take on a rolling No. 9 Kansas State squad. Ole K State took down Kentucky last night, so Coach Calipari was serving us first time loss in the Sweet 16 realness. No. 9 FSU toppled No. 4 Gonzaga to make it to the Elite 8 for the first time in 25 years and No. 3 Michigan steam rolled No. 7 Texas A&M. Everything is bananaland. Everything.

Tonight: This side of the story makes a tad more sense, but stay tuned, I’m sure everything will go up in flames tonight. We got No. 5 Clemson vs. No. 1 Kansas, No. 1 Villanova vs. No. 5 West Virginia, No. 2 Duke vs. No. 11 Syracuse, and No. 2 Purdue vs. No. 3 Texas Tech. The big question here is will Syracuse continue its run after being the last team selected into the tournament this year? This is fun. We’re having fun.

Par-3: March Madness but make it golf

Over in the other bracket – the WGC Dell Technologies Match play is happening in Austin. The biggest matchup to look for today is definitely Jordan Spieth vs. Patrick Reed. The two usually are paired together for the Americans in the Ryder Cup, so it’s like the same thing, except now they are trying to eliminate each other. Apparently that’s par for the course (heh) though. They both said they are usually trying to one up each other even when they’re on the same team, so this shouldn’t be too different.

* Halftime *

Let me play, dad

Fortnite is this video game that all the cool kids are playing. Friends’ boyfriends have described it to me as very similar to Hunger Games. You can team up with people (I think? Idk fact check me on this, anyone who plays.) and lots of celebs and athletes have gotten into it. You can also live stream yourself playing for the purpose of letting other people watch you play? (Once again, fact check me.) Very injured Celtics player Gordon Hayward has apparently spent his time playing lots of games to occupy his time, and yesterday he streamed himself playing Fortnite for quite a while. His wife and daughter came in at one point to be like, “Hey, dad, it’s us. Your family.” His daughter then jumped in his lap and caused him to almost lose. And then she wanted to play. I like this kid. Maybe she can teach me about Fortnite.

* Keep your eye on the ball *

The boy is back in town

Johnny Manziel has seemingly renounced his old ways and has been training hard to get back to the NFL. Cool, man. He threw at University of San Diego’s pro day in front of 13 teams’ scouts yesterday. Two of the school’s receivers needed someone to throw to them, so they asked Manziel to pop in. Obvi it was a good opportunity for Johnny Football too. He is trying to prove he can stay sober and put in the work required to be the QB for an NFL team.

* After further review *

Charges dropped

So we talked a couple days ago about a video where a naked Bills receiver Zay Jones was running around an apartment building while his brother tried to stop him. The video cut to a bunch of bloody walls, and it appeared Zay had been kicking in windows and stuff. He was arrested for vandalism, but was released on bail and charges were dropped. Witnesses said Zay’s brother was trying to stop him from jumping out the 30th floor window. His dad tweeted that Zay is with him and his mom and is going to be fine.

* Overtime *

Anytime you and your friends see a camera.