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TDR: Rooftop to Rooftop

* Off the bench *

Sneaky, Gramps!

* Halftime *

Will win for beer

What a solid marketing play but Bud Light. In case you didn’t watch football last year and are not tuning in to Hard Knocks, the Browns didn’t win a single game last season. 16-0. V sad times in Cleveland. So Bud Light is capitalizing on this by installing “Victory Fridges” in 10 bars in Cleveland locked with chains. The chain really adds to the image. It could be just a locked fridge, but the chain makes more of a statement. When the day comes (if) the Browns get their first win, the beer fridges will be unlocked (hopefully in dramatic fashion) and everyone will drink free beer. Cute! Love it.

* Keep your eye on the ball *

Health scare

Cleveland Indians centerfielder Leonys Martin contracted a life-threatening bacterial infection. So scary. He is receiving treatment at the Cleveland Clinic and has made a lot of progress in the last day. Martin was placed on the disabled list on Aug. 9 with a non-baseball related injury, and it turns out this is what he has been fighting. Poor guy has no timeline for his return, but it is encouraging that he in on the mend.

* Play under review *

Cheap thrills

Yer outta here. The Miami Dolphins cut veteran defensive lineman Gabe Wright after he blindsided star running back Kenyan Drake during practice. Nope, nope, nope. It appears there were lots of scuffles and hot tempers during this particular practice, but the Dolphins are not here for teammates potentially hurting each other. Dolphins defensive coordinator Matt Burke said, “Just coming out here, being a jackass and running around, that doesn’t help us either.” So true, coach. So true.

No phones allowed

The move of actually taking someone’s phone and throwing it on a roof in attempt to keep a video from spreading is hilarious and takes some quick thinking. James Harden is being investigated by Arizona authorities after he grabbed a woman’s wrist outside a club, took her phone while she was filming members of his entourage fighting and hurled it on the roof. (Sidebar: the phone was still filming while it went airborne which is fascinating footage.) She says Harden and another member of his crew offered her a few hundred dollars for the phone/a new phone. They knew she was trying to sell that video to TMZ – and they were correct. She was also treated at the hospital for a wrist injury. Don’t aggressively grab women’s wrists! And just smash the phone next time, James. She was very easily able to find her phone and here we are.

* Overtime *

When you mess up but it all works out alright.