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TDR: Machado about nothing

* Off the bench *

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* Leading off *


  • It looks like the Kawhi Leonard sweepstakes are finally coming to a close. Last night, news broke that the Spurs and Raptors are very close to finalizing a deal that would send Kawhi to the Raptors in exchange for a package that would include Demar DeRozan. Wowsers. Those are two VERY big names. The deal is on track to be finalized today, but Kawhi and DeRozan have already been informed about their potential new teams. Neither players is particularly pleased. Take a look at Demar’s Instagram story this morning, and you’ll see that he feels betrayed by Raptor’s staff. Not great. Meanwhile, sources are saying that Kawhi has “no desire” to play in Toronto, which just SCREAMS diva. Kawhi, you have been pouting for a trade for over a year now, and you are finally going to get traded and you aren’t happy? Ok bud, I think it’s time for your nap. I’m tired of you spilling your sippy cup everywhere.
  • Over in the WNBA, it was a record setting night for Liz Cambage. She scored 53 points, which is the new single-game record for the WNBA. The Dallas Wings center literally didn’t play for five years before this season. She is from Australia and was drafted to Tulsa back in 2011. She was super meh about living there, so after the 2013 season she walked away for a bit. Looks like some time off did her good. What a story.


Last night, the MLB All-Star Game served as the Home Run Derby 2.0. A record 10 home runs were hit in the back-and-forth game, breaking the previous record of six, which had been accomplished three times in ASG history. Each side had five separate players go yard, but in the end, it was the American League that came out on top. They won 8-6 after Astros teammates Alex Bregman and George Springer hit back-to-back jacks in the top of the tenth inning. Between this exciting game, and the electric Home Run Derby on Monday night, this All-Star week in D.C. has been a pretty memorable one for the MLB. Hopefully it’s a sign of even better things to come!

* Keep your eye on the ball *

Dodge this

Hey remember yesterday when we thought Manny Machado would be traded from the Orioles to the Phillies? JK! He is probably definitely going to the Dodgers. It has been quite the drama fest seeing eight different teams battle it out for him, but it appears they have worked out a nice little package with the Dodgers. Meanwhile, Manny was out there having a blast at the All-Star game and having some laughs with his pals. See overtime for evidence.

* Overtime *

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