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Move the Chains

  • Yankees beat Red Sox The Yankees and Red Sox continued their series in the Bronx last night, and this time it was a no-doubter. The Yankees once again delayed the Red Sox in clinching the division, running away with a 10-1 victory. The Yanks hit a bunch of baby homers (they barely cleared the fence), and are just 9.5 games back with 10 to play. No big deal- just win every game remaining on your schedule and pray that Boston loses every remaining game. Easy as pie.
  • Grand slam: Hitting a walk-off grand slam to secure a victory for your team must feel amazing. Having that homer also be the 1,000th hit of your career? Well I can’t even imagine how cool that would be. That was the scenario for Indians second baseman Jason Kipnis last night. He was mobbed at home plate by his teammates and the crowd was rockin’. It’s almost October, folks. Playoff baseball feels are here.

Thursday Night Football Preview

Typically, one might say this matchup is between two terrible teams, don’t even watch it, etc. etc. But the Browns and the Jets could be whistling a different tune this season. So things haven’t exactly gone the Browns way so far: their first game ended in a tie and the second one could have given them a W, but their kicker really blew it. Meanwhile, the Jets looked pretty stellar Week 1 with newbie quarterback Sam Darnold at the helm, but they did fall to the Dolphins on Sunday. The point is, this season kinda feels like a new era for both teams. So tonight’s game is definitely worth a watch.

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Halftime shows like you

The people are talking, and it sounds like Maroon 5 will be headlining the Super Bowl LIII halftime show in Atlanta. Listen. I love Maroon 5. Adam Levine’s songbird voice, catchy tunes and generally simple musical themes really do it for me. However, not everyone is on the same page. Some are upset that the Super Bowl is in Atlanta, and the halftime show should reflect that. Is that a thing? I didn’t know that was a thing. Regardless, Maroon 5 is a pretty innocent choice and Mick Jagger will probably come out and surprise us all or maybe they will drop Beyonce in there again like they did when Coldplay put everyone to sleep.

Everybody get up

We have been hearing the rumors of a Space Jam 2 for a few years now. Honestly, the first thing I thought of when LeBron announced he was going to LA was “this will make Space Jam 2 a reality because scheduling conflicts will be reduced to a minimum.” And here we are. A promotional image of a locker room was released with the following names above the locker: Ryan Coogler (producer of Black Panther), Terence Nance (Random Acts of Flyness director), LeBron James (small forward for Los Angeles Lakers) and Bugs Bunny (evader of Elmer Fudd, star of the original Space Jam). Let’s go! The movie is set to film during the NBA offseason. Already ready to buy my tickets.

* Play under review *

We need to talk

Steelers star receiver Antonio Brown is in trouble. On Monday, he just didn’t show up to work. This came after a former PR employee tweeted at Brown that he was lucky to be on a team with Ben Roethlisberger and Brown responded saying, “Trade me, let’s find out.” Coach Mike Tomlin said he and Brown had a long talk yesterday, and coach said it was between him and Antonio. It sounds like Coach Tomlin isn’t mad, he’s just disappointe

* After further review *

Cuban speaks out

An investigation into the Dallas Mavericks organization wrapped up. The law firm that led the charge after a Sports Illustrated piece came out detailing a hostile and predatory work environment led by former president Terdema Ussery found that, yep, the Mavs front office was definitely those things. There was improper workplace conduct toward 15 female employees that included inappropriate comments, touching and forcible kissing. Good lord. Owner Mark Cuban went on ESPN and apologized for not being aware of what was happening. Cuban was not cited in the investigation of any wrongdoing, but they were like, how did you not know this was happening? Pay attention to the business culture, man. Cuban plans to donate $10 million to women’s organizations.

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