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TDR: Banner year

* Off the bench *

A little middle of the week inspiration.

* Leading off *


The Orioles are … very, very bad. Worst record in the MLB kind of bad. But they did make headlines for doing something very, very good last night. During their loss to the also bad Blue Jays, the Orioles wore uniforms with lettering in braille. First pro team to do that! This was to honor the National Federation of the Blind moving its headquarters to Baltimore 40 years ago. They are going to auction of the jerseys and donate the proceeds to the NFB. Good stuffs.

* Halftime *

Truckin' along

Unlike our Orioles very, very bad record discussed above, the Red Sox are very, very good. They only need one game to clinch the AL East divisional title. This could have happened last night against the Yankees, but NY survived and Boston clinching the title was put off another day. However, plans for a banner naming them AL East champs was already on its way to the Red Sox … until it fell off the truck delivering it. A few buddies, all Red Sox fans, saw something in the street Monday morning while they were out for coffee. They removed the brown paper, and saw it was the Red Sox AL East division title banner. Whoops. Is that a jinx? Are the Red Sox going to crawl to the finish line now? Let’s see.

* After further review *


The Uber driver Jameis Winston groped in 2016 is suing him. Winston is currently two games into his three-game suspension handed down to him by the league, but was never charged criminally. She is pretty confident he has not learned from the situation, and would like funds to help with “emotional stress as well as future therapy expenses.” Apparently, he is representing himself currently (solid plan) because he fired his agent and lawyer.

* Overtime *

If Wednesday was a gif.