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TDR: Going back-to-back

* Off the bench *

Grandmas are the best.

* Leading off *

U.S. Open

So, a few things happened during the U.S. Open this weekend:

  • 1.Brooks Koepka won. That makes him a back-to-back champ which is pretty impressive. He continues the trend of twenty-something Americans dominating the major scene over the past year.
  • 2. The course was crazy hard on Saturday. Zach Johnson said the USGA “lost the course” which cracks me up, because it sounds like a boat is sinking when really it means the golf course was just super difficult to play. The powers at be watered the course within an inch of its life before Sunday’s final round so that guys could actually hit good shots and be rewarded for them.
  • 3. Phil Mickelson was causing all sorts of drama. On Saturday, he hit a putt, his ball starting rolling and was going to go off the green, so he ran up and hit it back while it was still moving. This is obviously not allowed. He got a two stroke penalty (which he knew he would get but thought it would be better than if his ball kept rolling off the green) and everyone freaked out. Basically, it was a pretty unethical thing to do and doesn’t exactly uphold the integrity of the game. Breaking rules to achieve a better result than if you played fair is ehhhhh shady. People called for him to be disqualified or withdraw, but neither of those things happened and he played in the final round. So, to wrap it up, it was a super chill weekend and no one got worked up about anything!

World Cup

Bay! What a weekend in Russia! The 2018 World Cup got off to a blistering start with a slew of exciting matches and shocking results. Cristiano Ronaldo single handedly established footballing equality on the Iberian Peninsula in an instant classic. Morocco fell to Iran in tragic fashion after suffering an own goal in the 95th minute. Yikes. Icelandic goalkeeper/film director (we told you, Iceland is awesome) Hannes Halldorsson denied a Lionel Messi penalty kick en route to an astonishing draw. Switzerland proved their top ten ranking was no mistake in a 1-1 stalemate with top dog Brazil. In perhaps the most surprising result of the weekend Mexico upset defending champs Germany 1-0.  And you know the best part of all this?  We’re just getting started!

* Halftime *

Throw down

Nothing like showing up to work and immediately vomiting. Brewers pitcher Adrian Houser entered the game during the eighth inning to pitch, threw some warm-up pitches and turned around and vomited. Sick! He then allowed one guy to hit a double, grounded out another player and followed that up by vomiting again. According to the Brewers manager and Houser, it was because he got up super early, hadn’t had much to eat, it was hot and he was living out his lifelong dream to play in the majors. Honestly, I love that move. Just doing his job but simultaneously throwing up. Work through that pain, Houser. Rub some dirt in it. Or drink a pedialyte and get some rest.

* Overtime *

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