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TDR: Philly special

* Off the bench *

When you gotta go save Gotham City, but need everyone to quiet down.

* Leading off *


To score or not to score – that is the question. The Sixers/Heat series is full of drama and just lots of fun. Joel Embiid is back, and wearing a mask that makes him look like Batman to protect his face, and he helped the Sixers take a 2-1 lead in the series. So the current drama centers around the fact a Heat player, Goran Dragic, continued to try to score when the Heat were clearly going to win Game 2. It’s like, he could have just dribbled the ball until time ran out, but he wanted two more points. The Sixers are like hey, that’s rude. So they did the same thing back to the Heat last night when they were up by 19. Some people are bothered by it, some people are like idk it’s the playoffs do what you gotta do, and then Ben Simmons is over there saying he would have dunked it. Oh, Ben.

* Halftime *

An investment

Omg, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, you need to calm down immediately. So the Swedish soccer legend is currently playing for the L.A. Galaxy, and it’s no secret that American soccer is struggling after the men’s team failed to make the World Cup. So the question was brought to Zlatan – how could you help improve American soccer. His answer: “I have a wife, I got my two kids. If I would be single I would spread some investments here in the U.S. and you would have future legends in soccer.” Woah, Zlatan. Let’s bring it down a billion notches. First of all, the reference to his “investments” is vom-inducing. Second of all, that’s hilarious his solution is just there needs to be more little Zlatans and all problems would be solved. This is less a systematic-issue, and more of a lack of little Zlatans issue.

* Keep your eye on the ball *

Injured Warriors

These Warriors and their injuries. Golden State was already dealing with Steph Curry missing games, now Kevin Durant and Shaun Livingston are questionable after they both rolled their left left ankle. KD says he is fine and good-to-go for Sunday, but Shaun’s injury was a little worse. Kinda need ya back out there, boys. No more injured Warriors.

Are you ready for some football?

Yes. The answer is always yes. The NFL released its schedule yesterday, and it will all start with the Super Bowl Champion Eagles playing in Atlanta Thursday, Sept. 6. Check out the full schedule for all the teams here, and keep reading if you are interested in seeing wildly early and kind of meaningless predictions about each team’s season. HA, Ammiright?! *quckily scrolls to see what people are saying about the Jaguars.*

* Overtime *

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