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TDR: Real men don’t use bathrooms

* Off the bench *

The cheerleaders are like, come back here, what are you doing?

* Leading off *

Strikeout: World Series

The Fall Classic is finally here, as the Red Sox and Dodgers are set to face off tonight in Game 1 of the World Series. It should be an incredible matchup tonight at Fenway Park, as two of the game’s best pitchers face each other. Clayton Kershaw will try to quiet the Boston bats for the Dodgers, while Chris Sale will take the mound for the Red Sox after battling through some stomach issues last week. Whatever happens, get ready for a great series. Want to know more? Look no further than here. First pitch is tonight at 8:09 p.m. ET.

Monday Night Football

The Falcons hosted the Giants last night, and Matt Ryan looked real nice. Even if his team isn’t that great, he certainly is. The Falcons won 23-13 over the Giants, who are just pitiful. They have a 1-6 record, BUT Odell Beckham Jr. said that is not reflective of the team. He said that is not the attitude in the locker room, which has to be *sort of* good news for Giants fans. So the Falcons get one week closer to flipping their losing record to a winning one, and the Giants just … keep on trucking.

* Halftime *

Ole Pee Pants Booger

The most important takeaway from last night’s Monday Night Football Game was definitely this little nugget of wisdom from Booger McFarland. Booger works the sideline during MNF games in his strange, above the field contraption. He is also a former player who had strong opinions about OBJ running off the field to use the restroom. Full quote: “You know, back in my day, we would do that on the sideline. I didn’t need to go to the back for that. We just kind of sat down on the bench and do your business and move on.” He then called OBJ a diva for using a bathroom because, ya know, real men just pee their pants, obviously. *Stops typing. Stares off into the distance.** Yeah, that’s all I got on that one. Apparently, defensive lineman back in the day felt perfectly comfortable soiling their trousers and continuing on with their work. We have all gone soft.

* Keep your eye on the ball *

Flown the Coop

The Raiders are breaking ties with seemingly every big name player on their roster. Yesterday, it was Amari Cooper who was sent packing, as the the Oakland front office traded him to Dallas in exchange for 2019 first round draft pick. This move comes on the heels of the Raiders trading Khalil Mack to the Bears just before the season started. They really are cleaning house. The good news for Raiders fans? The organization now has three first round draft picks in next year’s draft. They better hope they pick some winners, or these moves are going to be looked at as highly questionable.

* Overtime *

Oh my.