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TDR: All the stars

* Off the bench *

Solid start to the weekend.

* Leading off *


Ugh, no medal for Mikaela Shiffrin. Big bummer for the American skier who finished fourth in slalom – her best event and the one she won gold in at the last Olympics. It’s unfortunate because she has been the best slalom skier in the world for about five years, and her race yesterday wasn’t close to what she is capable of. But you keep on keepin’ on, and she will compete two more times in this Olympics.


Hey now, you’re an all-star. It’s All-Star weekend in LA which mean lots of fun events and stuffs. Tonight there will be a celebrity basketball game which will feature one of the kids from Stranger Things and the Biebz. Saturday night is the three-point and dunk competition, which is always fun. Annnnnd Sunday we finally get to see Team LeBron take on Team Steph. Should be a good time.


Tiger is back in action again this week at the Genesis Open, and his first round was ehhhhh. It seems he is having a bit of trouble hitting it straight off the tee. He is tied for 63rd and just seems to generally be trying to find his rhythm out there. This is only his third start since he had back fusion surgery last April, so me thinks he’s just taking a minute to get readjusted.

* Halftime *

Rah, rah, no

An Arizona cheerleader was ejected from a basketball game against Arizona State after he yelled into a megaphone while an ASU player was at the free throw line. Ok, this requires more investigation. I definitely feel like cheerleaders and folks scream at opposing team players while they are attempting free throws? The crowd certainly does, but do cheerleaders? The ref immediately pointed the guy out (for the record, he said “Not today, Remy” to the player through a megaphone which is not bad) and then he was kicked out of the game. He was apparently asked to stop, and did not, so he was ejected. More investigation to come on this one, folks! Hard hitting journalism will be brought to you by The Daily Rally!

* Overtime *

When you’re ready for the weekend, but still gotta be in class.