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* Off the bench *

Have you checked out The Daily Rally Podcast presented by Heavy.com?! We released three new episodes yesterday (that’s more than one episode for those keeping score) and today we are highlighting Episode 2. I spent some time with the guys who host the Touching Base with Post Grad Problems Podcast. Dillon, Will and Dave were a ton of fun to sip mimosas with at The Players Championship, so make sure to listen to our conversation. (Also check out Episode 1 with Angela Garcia, wife of Sergio, if you haven’t yet.) Oh! And leave a rating and a review on iTunes pretty please. It helps ya girl out.

* Leading off *


The Caps finally did it. After 20 years of missing out on the Stanley Cup Finals, they’re back baby. For a team who is known to absolutely collapse during the post-season, it was not a remotely close contest last night. Washington shut out the Lightning 4-0 to win Game 7. This is only their second trip to the Stanley Cup Final in franchise history, and they will play the Vegas Golden Knights who literally became a team last year. Caps star Alex Ovechkin was just a big ole teddy bear while celebrating the win. Just a ton of hugs and open-mouthed smiles being shared with all his teammates. Good for you guys.


Not a good night out for LeBron and the Cavs. The Celtics won Game 5 over Cleveland at home in front of a hyped up crowd. The Cavs were strug city when it came to trying to get shots to fall, and it cost them. There was a bit of dramaa during the second quarter when a tussel broke out between Marcus Morris and Larry Nance Jr. Classic. In the end, the combo of Kevin Love and LeBron (they were basically the only Cavs making anything happen) was not enough to overcome Boston. So now the Celtics just need one more win to get into the Finals. It’ll go down Friday night in Cleveland.

* Halftime *

Horse whisperer

Shouts to this reporter who found herself in the way of a runaway horse during a horse race. Scratch that – shouts to this reporter who threw herself in the PATH of a runaway horse. A horse had broken free from his handler at a track in Wales and was just making laps around the ring. Reporter Hayley Moore was worried the horse was going to collapse if he kept freaking out and running around in the warm weather, so she stepped in his path, managed to grab the reins, was dragged on the ground for a bit but ultimately got the horse to slow down. In my experience, horses will kick you if you look at them the wrong way let alone hurl yourself in front of a rogue one. Turns out Hayley knew what she was doing – she was an amateur jockey, her three brothers are jockeys and her dad is a top horse trainer. This will be the most baller thing we will see this week.

* Play under review *

No stars

Oh no, Lenny Dykstra. The 55-year-old former MLB star absolutely terrorized his poor Uber driver early Wednesday morning. He pulled a gun on the driver after he refused to change locations, so the driver pulled into a police station, honked the horn and fled the vehicle. Can’t even imagine. Police found cocaine, marijuana and ecstasy on Lenny, because he is clearly a chill guy. He was charged with possession and making terroristic threats. Lenny took to Twitter to respond to the allegations with Taylor Swift’s lyrics to “Shake it off.” Literally … what is happening. Why is Lenny on Twitter. Someone go get him.

* After further review *

All rise

The NFL released a new policy regarding the national anthem. The new rules state that players and personnel must stand for the anthem or they can wait in the locker room. It used to say that everyone had to be on the field, but they changed it in light of the protests. Many NFL players kneeled last season as an act of protest, so the NFL saying stand or wait in the locker room is the league’s compromise. Furthermore, there will be repercussions for players who are on the field but do not stand for the anthem. As you can imagine – there were lots of different feelings about this announcement, and I encourage you to dive into Twitter if you want to really get a feel for the full spectrum of opinions.

* Overtime *

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