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Sending this to you in hopes it will help your Monday scaries.

* Leading off *

U.S. Gymnastics Championships

Simone Biles tore it up at the 2018 U.S. Gymnastics Championships this weekend, and won her fifth all-around title. That’s a new record, for you. The focus was also on her teal leotard. Teal is the color of sexual assault awareness, so she sported the color to support victims of Larry Nassar. She herself is one of more than 100 survivors of Nassar’s abuse. Another reminder that these women won’t be slowed down by the actions of a guy who is literally the devil.


The golf season has come to a close: jk it never ends. But the regular season wrapped up yesterday with the Wyndham Championship, and Brandt Snedeker was victorious  in a pretty big way. He shot a 59 on Thursday (NBD) and then won by three strokes at 21-under yesterday. He said it was hella stressful shooting 59 so early in the week, because then your expectations are so high and it is easy to become a complete headcase. Way to keep it together, Sneds. And now onto the Playoffs! We will give you the rundown on that this Thursday.

* Halftime *

Nun stuff

Anyone who knows me knows I am slightly obsessed with nuns. Nay, I’m slightly obsessed with nuns doing activities outside their normal nunning. Seeing nuns in everyday life is always truly hilarious and something to be appreciated. Meet Sister Mary Jo of Marian Catholic High School. She threw the first pitch at Saturday night’s White Sox game. Just full of confidence. Look at that little elbow trick she showed off before throwing a perfect strike. And then the power point as she left the mound?! It’s too much. We have found the perfect nun.

* After further review *

Back at it

Browns receiver Josh Gordon said he is returning to the field on Saturday after taking a leave of absence at the end of July. Gordon is one of the most talented receivers in the NFL, but he has battled serious substance abuse problems for years. He served multiple suspensions over the course of three years for violating the league’s policy, but he played some last season. He took the leave of absence to really make sure he had his sobriety under control, and he says that and his mental health is his number one priority. Good for you, Josh.

* Overtime *

What did you did this weekend?”