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* Off the bench *

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* Leading off *


Annnnd one of the Olympic Athletes from Russia won the gold in the ladies free skate. Alina Zagitova is 15 and almost quit the sport because she would get sent home from practice for not working hard enough **looks knowingly into camera**. She edged out 18-year-old Evgenia Medvedeva, also an athlete from Russia, and the two are giving us major Tara Lipinski/Michelle Kwan vibes. So that’s the first gold for the athletes from Russia. Meanwhile, American national treasure Mirai Nagasu literally said she viewed her skate as her audition for Dancing with the Stars. She knew she wasn’t going to medal, so she put on a smile and revealed her true goal – getting partnered with Mark Ballas and trying to get a bunch of 10s for her samba. I love it. This is how you keep relevant after the Olympics.


Tiger Woods is back in action for the second consecutive week which hasn’t happened in a hot minute. He missed the cut last week in L.A., but he is looking pretty sharp at the Honda Classic. He is tied for 22nd, and his round yesterday was def the most promising one we’ve seen since he made his comeback. Those are positive vibes we are seeing from Tiger.


We’d be remiss if we didn’t give props to Drexel for their performance last night. They set an NCAA Division 1 record for largest comeback ever, coming back from a deficit of 34 points to get the win over Delaware. Impressive. But the biggest news in the college basketball world is not good news: the FBI story has broken, and schools and athletes alike have been exposed. Strap in folks, because it’s a long list filled with the biggest programs in the game. Duke, UNC, Kansas, Michigan St., Louisville, Texas, Kentucky, USC, Maryland and Wichita State… just to name a few. The list goes on, and also mentions players including Michigan State’s Miles Bridges and Duke’s Wendell Carter who are currently enrolled in school. This could get ugly very, very fast, so stay tuned for updates to come.

* Keep your eye on the ball *

Still kickin'

So we don’t officially know if it is kicker Adam Vinatieri’s last year, but the 45-year-old kicker was signed to a one-year deal with the Colts, the team he has been with since 2006. He is 57 points shy of the all-time record, so we say he breaks the record and hits the road. He is def one of the best kickers ever, so it will be interesting to see if he can go down in history.

* Play under review *

Arizona’s Trier suspended for PEDs (again)

Last year, Arizona’s star guard Allonzo Trier was suspended for the first 19 games of the season after testing positive for a banned substance in the preseason. It was determined by the NCAA that Trier had never knowingly taken the substance, and he was able to return to play after passing another drug test in January of last year. Well, fast forward a year, and surprise surprise, Trier just tested positive for PEDs again. Arizona is claiming that it is just remnants of the the substance he unknowingly ingested last year, and that he should be allowed to play. Sounds like a tall tale to me, and he is currently suspended until further notice.

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