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College World Series

We’ve got an even series, folks! Oregon State got up and rallied over Arkansas in the ninth inning last night to keep their dreams alive. With two outs in the top of the ninth, Oregon State picked up three runs to beat the Razorbacks 5-3. Trevor Larnach hit a two-run homer to seal the deal, which was something no team had been able to do in the ninth inning against the Razorbacks this season. Arkansas was 42-0 if they took the lead into the ninth. So that takes some mental grit to get the job done if you’re Oregon State. Might be something extra special about this team. It all comes down to  tonight at 6:30 on ESPN for an electric Game 3.

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I'm free

Ohh, look at that. Paul George told Oklahoma City that he will not opt in for the final year of his contract, and he will become an unrestricted free agent. That doesn’t mean he won’t consider coming back to the Thunder during free agency. He originally told Thunder staff that he was going to the Lakers bc California was calling him, but they made a strong case for him to stay. The Lakers are going after him and LeBron hard, so if that doesn’t happen, Paul is up for a $176 million contract extension with the Thunder. He could also cut a shorter deal that isn’t as long-term. So many options! The world is your oyster, Paul!

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