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TDR: Am I still trash?

* Off the bench *

* Leading off *

College Basketball Rankings

We have some movement, folks. After No. 1 Tennessee lost to No. 5 Kentucky on Saturday, they are now No. 5 Tennessee and Kentucky is now No. 4 Kentucky. Quite a little tumble the Vols took there. Duke moved into the No. 1 spot, Gonzaga is No. 2 and Virginia is No. 3. Duke is kind of scary good, and they play their massive rival No. 8 UNC tomorrow. That one is always packed with lots of history and emotion soooo let’s go UNC. Let’s make things really messy.

* Halftime *

Can I borrow some money?

Sooooo the AAF. Let’s talk about it. The Alliance of American Football launched this month as another professional football league. The rules are a little different, but overall it is v similar to normal football. There are not extra points, tv timeouts are not a thing in order to make the games shorter and you can see by this sack things are a tad more loosey goosey when it comes to officiating. Sounds great! Legendary coach Steve Spurrier is coaching Orlando’s team and there are lots of other credible people involved. Problem is … they already almost ran out of money. They needed $250 million ASAP to keep the league afloat literally for the second week to even happen. Enter Carolina Hurricanes CEO Tom Dundon. He got them the money, so he clearly really believes in this thing.

Ya still trash

Last year Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey had himself a day during an interview with GQ. He basically offered up his very unfiltered thoughts on different players in the NFL. Perhaps most notably, he called Bills quarterback Josh Allen “trash”. Josh took the high road like a good boy and never responded, until an autograph picture surfaced this week. He signed a photo from the Bills game against the Jags with, “Hey Ramsey … am I still trash?” The Bills beat the Jags last season *collar pull* so it’s a valid question from Allen. Ramsey responded on Twitter with #YES sooo there ya go. Ya still trash in Ramsey’s book, Josh Allen.

* Keep your eye on the ball *

Sky's out thighs out

Huge news for PGA TOUR players. They get to wear shorts during practice rounds. Congrats, guys. You all are very sweaty and very gross most of the time, so this is a big deal for you. But really, these guys are out there wearing pants in very hot climates, which is just not conducive to them living their best lives. This rule change means they will at least be a bit more comfortable leading up to the actual tournament. Better get those calf raises going, fellas. The Florida swing is almost here.

* Overtime *