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We have a ~premier~ college basketball matchup tomorrow night. The No. 1 Tennessee Volunteers are heading to Kentucky to play the No. 5 Wildcats. Keep in mind, Tennessee has not been this good in such a long time. They have a 19-game win streak going and one loss. Kentucky is generally always good, but they are coming off a loss to No. 19 LSU. It’s kinda cute because this is Tennessee’s fifth week EVER at the top of the heap, meanwhile Kentucky has been No. 1 at some point in 23 different seasons. Oh, how the turn tables. It’s actually kind of hilarious looking at the differences in the two programs. But this one will be a biggy for UT. If they can get the win on the road against a top 5 team in one of the most aggressive arenas, they are in a v good spot.

Daytona 500

Oh yeah FIRE EM UP LET’S GO. It’s the Daytona 500 this weekend aka NASCAR’s biggest and also first event of the year. Their thinking is why have the Super Bowl at the end of the season … let’s get that out of the way first thing. Now I’m not one to avidly follow racing throughout the year, but I tell ya what, the infield at the Daytona 500 was one of the more electric experiences of my life. Good news is we already have drama brewing … Jimmy Johnson collided with Kyle Busch yesterday in one of the races leading up to Sunday. Kyle was high-key peeved about it giving an expletive ridden statement. When Jimmy apologized, Kyle was like NOT GOOD ENOUGH. So there’s your fun storyline heading into Sunday. Oh, and also Kevin Harvick and Joey Logano won the qualifying races. So there are like four names to look out for on Sunday.

* Halftime *

Hey now

It’s NBA All-Star weekend! This one is going to be a good time, because they are switching up the format this year. It used to be an East vs. West game and no one really tried that hard. It would always end up a little meh. This year, however, the two teams are Team LeBron and Team Giannis. LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo got to pick their teams gym class dodgeball style aka they went back and forth picking their best boys. Way to spice things up, NBA! Additionally, the dunk contest has gotten really good in the past few years. If you are watching with friends before going out, prepare yourself for all the bros to be in one room huddled around a tv  going “OHHHHHHH!!! SICK!” every five seconds. 

Rough times

The Web.com Tour is like the minor leagues for the PGA TOUR. They are playing down in south Florida this week, and local golf pro Ben DeArmound gets to tee it up with the big boys this week. Things did not go according to plan for Benny Boy, however, when he carded a 17 on a par-4. For all my non-golfers out there, he should’ve gotten it in the whole in four shots. It took him 17. The real trouble started when he kept hitting his ball in the water and then would try to hit his ball out of the water. Tough stuff for Ben. He was in good spirits though! He said his dad was roasting him a few holes later and all he could do was say he “just went a little numb.” Here’s to hoping today goes a tad bit smoother.

* Overtime *