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Monday Night Football Recap

The Saints beat the Panthers last night 12-9, and you can really give the credit to New Orleans’ defense for that one. Drew Brees and the boys couldn’t get much going, but they had a much better night than the Panthers. Any hope Carolina had of making the playoffs was crushed thanks to last night’s defeat – their sixth in a row. But now the Saints are marching on toward home field advantage for the playoffs. They are on top of the NFC, so all is well in NOLA.

* Halftime *

Merry Christmas, Post Malone

One of our country’s true weirdos is Dennis Rodman. Just keeping it bizarre 100% of the time. This time, however, his weirdness came in the form of a gift. Some context: The rapper Post Malone recently took Jimmy Fallon to Olive Garden while on his show. Post Malone loves Olive Garden, and Dennis Rodman wanted to do something about that. So he gave the rapper and a $25 gift card to the restaurant. The amount is hilarious. $25. You’re welcome Post Malone. This one’s on Dennis. Post Malone was so appreciative about it, and it should be noted, Dennis Was wearing a sequin shawl upon delivery of the gift. Honestly the whole thing was kind of sweet full of Christmas spirit.

* Keep your eye on the ball *

Greener pastures

In a season that ended with the the Bulldogs missing out on the College Football Playoff, Georgia was delivered some more bad news yesterday as highly touted, former 5-star QB recruit, Justin Fields informed the team of his intention to transfer. Fields was rated the number two recruit in all the land coming out of high school, and was frustrated in having to play the role of backup this year to Jacob Fromm. If he does indeed end up transferring, expect there to be a loooooong line of schools vying for his services. Three teams to watch early on are Penn State (he originally committed there), Mississippi State, and Florida State. I’m sensing a trend. Sounds like he’s trying to make a STATEment. A situation to keep an eye on for sure.

* Play under review *

Delete your tweet

In the latest edition of “people have to apologize after tweeting a photo that included something inappropriate in the background” the Stanford volleyball team is in the doghouse. So the ladies won the National Championship Saturday night over Nebraska, and a photo was tweeted out on the NCAA Volleyball account of two of the players running into the locker room celebrating. Unfortunately, a little drawing the team had on its whiteboard was also included in the picture. It said “To Hell with the Huskies” and pictured Stanford’s mascot pointing a gun and a middle finger at Nebraska’s mascot. Stanford apologized, reach out to the Huskies etc. etc. Soooo a tad inappropriate, but also the middle finger made me laugh.

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