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TDR: Only in Miami

* Off the bench *

You know he looks like he stars in Disney Channel Original Movies.

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Move the chains: NFL Recap

  • Eagles vs. Cowboys: The Cowboys are trotting on down the road (Cowboy puns) after beat the Eagles in overtime last night. The win over their division rival marks their fifth straight win, and they are up on their high horse (more Cowboy puns) leading the division by two games. It also should be noted that Amari Cooper (the wide receiver the Cowboys traded a first-round pick for from the Raiders) had a huge game. On the other hand, Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkin was none too impressed with how the game went down. He said the refs should “stay off the bottle” after he didn’t like a call they made on the opening drive. What an insult.
  • Patriots vs. Dolphins: Dolphins fans rejoice. That was the best way to get the last second win over the Patriots. New England was up by five points and Miami had one last play to try and get the win. Instead of the usual hail mary to the endzone, the Dolphins went for a little lateral play action that ended with Kenyan Drake in the endzone and a Miami victory. Pats twitter was not too please about that one, and Gronk said it best. “The way it ended sucked.” Miami has now won five of its last six home games against the Patriots. The Dolphins have your number, Brady.
  • Bears vs. Rams: HUGE win for the Bears last night over the Rams. L.A. was 11-1 heading into the game, and the Bears just shut down their high-powered offense and rattled the cage of QB Jared Goff. The Rams missed their chance to secure a first-round bye in the Playoffs, and they’re now tied with the Saints for home-field advantage. Talk about a confidence booster for the Bears who are now 9-4.

Do the Heisman

And the Heisman goes to … Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray. How about that. The best part is Kyler has an MLB contract on the table with the Oakland A’s. So college football’s best player this year won’t even go to the NFL. Of course, after Kyler won, people went on Twitter and dug up homophobic tweets Kyler sent out when he was a teenager. So if you google Kyler Murray right now, that’s what pops up. It seems like every big achievement made by anyone these days is followed up with the resurfacing of stupid tweets they sent years ago. He apologized for using an anti-gay word when he was 14 and 15.

* Overtime *