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TDR: Ja Rule(d)

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March Madness Day 1 Recap

March Madness Thursday Recap

That was overwhelming. March Madness kicked off yesterday, and at least for this old girl, my brackets were immediately busted because No. 10 Minnesota beat No. 7 Louisville right off the bat. Alrighty, making things interesting *quickly* cool, cool, cool, cool, cool. Everything else was chalk (aka the higher seeds all one), but don’t think for a secon that  No. 14 Yale didn’t give No. 3 LSU a run for their money. No. 12 New Mexico State almost took down No. 5 Auburn in a wild final minute, but no cigar. But then the  game of the day came along. No. 12 Murray State took down No. 5 Marquette thanks to a guy named Ja Morant. I’m not kidding when I say everyone is like ZION? WHO IS ZION? After watching what Ja did last night. He had a triple double (first since Dwyane Wade, who funny enough played for Marquette, had one in 2002) and set Twitter on fire. No. 10 Florida had a massive lead over No. 7 Nevada, which they almost blew, but they got the upset win. And to round out the night, No. 9 Baylor beat No. 8 Syracuse. That was no joke! For all the scores check out @thedailyrally Instagram Stories. Let’s do it all over again today.

March Madness Friday Preview

  • Gotta start things out by talking about No. 1 UVa. This is a day of redemption for Hoos. Last year, they became the first one seed to lose to a 16 seed, which is all anyone talked about this year. Today, they have an opportunity to put that behind them and charge forward. They take on No. 16 Gardner-Webb aka this should be the first day of the rest of their lives. Get it done, boys! Put the past behind you and keep on dancing! I’m not biased!
  • Soooo No. 12 Oregon is actually way better than what you would expect from a 12 seed. They have won the last eight consecutive games and are playing monster defense, so watch out, No. 5 Wisconsin. Wisconsin’s coach said it best when he said, “They’re coming in hot.” Yes they are, Greg. Wisconsin has been v steady this season, so if they can keep that up, they should be good. COMIN’ IN HOT.
  • A trendy upset pick is No. 12 Liberty over No. 5 Mississippi State. Liberty’s coach was an assistant to UVa’s coach for years, and his team already beat the Miss. State coach’s former school UCLA earlier in the season. Did you get all that? It’s a very coach-focused storyline in this game. If Liberty can keep things slow and controlled, they can def pull off this upset.

And that’s why we are calling No. 12 Liberty our UPSET OF THE DAY!! Let’s go Flames!! And out MORTAL LOCK is 10000% No. 1 Duke. You guys got this.

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