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College Football Recap

  • No. 1 Clemson narrowly beats UNC: Did not think the team who would possibly maybe take down Clemson would be UNC, but here we are. UNC is unranked and it seemed like Clemson would just roll right over them, however, UNC truly just played better than the defending National Champs. It was 21-20 when UNC went for the two-point conversion to try and take the lead … but the Tigers stopped them to keep their record squeaky clean. Really makes ya think, Clemson. Will they probably keep winning right on up to the College Football Playoff? Yes, but we also learned they can *maybe* be beat.
  • No. 9 Notre Dame wins over No. 23 Virginia: Ok, so we were really critical about Notre Dame heading into their game against Georgia last week, and even though they lost, they put us in our place proving they maybe aren’t overrated. They really showed they have it together beating UVa 35-20. UVa isn’t exactly known as a dominating presence on the football field, but they are def on the right track to becoming a very solid presence in the top 25. They did not quite have what it took to beat the Fighting Irish on the road, and the Hoos QB was sacked eight times. Notre Dame fans should feel v positive about where this team is going, as should UVa. It wasn’t Virginia’s best game, but this is the kind of loss to a good team that can teach some valuable lessons. I’m really wise this morning, don’t worry about it?
  • No. 5 Ohio State blows out Nebraska: This was another week where there weren’t a ton of exciting games on the schedule. College Gameday decided this game was worth their time, but in the end it was just an Ohio State blow out. They beat the Huskers 48-7, and there’s a lot of “Ohio State is the number one team in the country talk” floating around. MmmmmbutwhataboutAlabama. To be fair, Buckeyes QB Justin Fields threw for three touchdowns, while the defense picked up three interceptions. Top to bottom solid showing from Ohio State. And this week Gameday is heading to Gainesville for the UF vs. Auburn matchup AND WE ARE PUMPED.

NFL Recap

  • Jaguars get statement win over Broncos: And if we are pumped up about the Gators, you know we are losing our minds about Gardner Minshew and the Jags. What started as a rough showing for Jacksonville, turned into one of the best offensive showings we have seen from the Jags in a hot minute. Garnder and is swag stache is the best thing to happen to Jacksonville in such a long time, and even Leonard Fournette had his best career game yesterday. The Jags beat the Broncos as time expired making a field goal to win 26-24. Our good friend Charlotte Wilder painted a pretty perfect picture of who Gardner is and what he is bringing to Jax. Broncos slip to 0-4 and that was def a frustrating game for them to lose.
  • Tampa beats LA on the road: That’s right … the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the defending NFC Champion LA Rams in LA yesterday. It was a high scoring affair with the Bucs winning 54-40. Jameis Winston threw four touchdowns yesterday, but it got a little spooky for Tampa fans when the Rams seriously rallied back toward the end of the game cutting the Bucs lead to just five points. Ya know, good for you Tampa. That is a serious win to build off. L.A. … go sit in the corner and think about what you just did.
  • Patriots barely beat Bills: The Bills really gave the Pats a run for their money yesterday, and it started with some ~drama~ when Bills coach Sean McDermott escorted some Patriots staffers off the field during warm ups. He was like mmm not spying happening on my watch you sneaky snakes.Tom Brady and his offense weren’t really able to make much happen, so shout out to the Pats defense for helping make this 16-10 win a reality. Bills QB Josh Allen had a rough game complete with three interceptions, and he ultimately left the game with an injury. Much like Clemson, we learned the Pats are *potentially* beatable if you have it together. Just something to think about …