TDR Podcast Episode 3: SVP of Communications for the PGA TOUR Laura Neal

In Episode 3 of The Daily Rally Podcast presented by, I sat down with SVP of Communications for the PGA TOUR Laura Neal.

If you want to get fired up, listen to this podcast. Laura is the perfect example of someone who has hustled to pave her own path inside the very male dominated world of golf. She started her career at the LPGA, and now she is the PGA TOUR commissioner’s right hand (wo)man when it comes to all things media.

Want to know how a sports league completely changes its marketing and messaging? She’s got your answers. Curious as to how a commissioner builds his personal brand? She’s done that.

Laura and I also got down to business discussing the golf industry’s tendency to be a bit of a good old boys club. She shared the story of a time she was running a media center and a player mistook her for a young girl on the phone and asked if she had a crayon to write down a message he was going to give her. You have to laugh to keep from crying.

The main takeaway is Laura is finding ways to modernize the PGA TOUR’s messaging and brand. She finds value in recognizing their are many different types of fans and voices, and each one should be recognized and served.

I was truly pumped up after this conversation. Nothing makes me want to work harder and grow The Daily Rally like talking to a woman who has worked her way to a top job in the sports industry.

Enjoy the podcast. Get up and Rally!

TDR Podcast Episode 2: The guys of the Touching Base Podcast

In Episode 2 of The Daily Rally Podcast presented by I interviewed the gentlemen of the Touching Base with Post Grad Problems podcast while sipping a mimosa at an outdoor wine tent at the Players Championship. Not bad.

Grandex Inc. owns Total Frat Move and Post Grad Problems, both of which I have read for years. Dillon Cheverere is the VP of Media for Grandex, Will deFries is a senior contributor for Post Grad Problems and Dave Ruff is the legal counsel for Grandex and director of Post Grad Problems. Together, the three of them host the podcast Touching Base. They are still working on their elevator pitch to describe the show, but I can tell you its a funny, light-hearted conversation amongst friends on a variety of topics. Hard not to like.

The guys were all in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla. for the first time taking in the Players Championship. It had been an exciting week so far. They had surfed a dece party wave (now you have to listen to find out what that means), played some golf and were preparing to interview Blake Bortles the next day. Generally a very solid first time Jax experience.

We discussed their experiences that week, our takes on golf fashion and what upcoming content they have in the works back at their Austin headquarters. They were delightful guests and a lot of fun.

Before we get into the interview, my friend Meghan joined the podcast to discuss life as a “loud” person, overly zealous golf tournament volunteers and we tried our best to think up solid “Total Frat Moves.” Per usual, very important stuff.

Enjoy the pod! Get up and Rally!

TDR Podcast Episode 1: Angela Garcia

The first episode of the Daily Rally Podcast features a guest who has quite the multifaceted perspective of the sports world. Angela Garcia was a golfer at the University of Texas, reported for Golf Channel and co-hosts a podcast on PGA TOUR Radio. She also happens to married to Sergio Garcia, and the pair recently welcomed their first child.

I sat down with Angela during the week of The Players Championship in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla. She was kind enough to welcome me into the home they were renting for the week near the course. Obviously when I walked in, Sergio was on the couch watching Family Feud. There were about four other members of his “team” coming in and out, Angela’s parents were there as well as their dog Bear and baby daughter Azalea. It’s literally a traveling circus.

And here’s the thing: they are doing this every week for the next three months. It’s a pretty remarkable way to live, especially with an infant daughter.

The couple has had their share of highlights the past couple years. Not only did they get married and have a baby, but Sergio won the 2017 Masters. A major victory had been a long time coming for Garcia, who at 38, was arguably the best player without a major victory.

So it’s safe to say the guy checked a lot of boxes in the life goals section recently.

During the interview, Angela told me about growing up in Texas (her dad is former Texas quarterback Marty Akins), playing golf in college, working in broadcast journalism and changing gears once she met Sergio.

My big questions was: how did she know Sergio was the real deal when they met while she was working? The secret: Friends first. True love second.

Before I got into the interview with Angela, I had my friend Meghan join me in what was supposed to be a discussion of current sports news. We quickly decided it was more important to discuss the recent Royal Wedding and really break down our thoughts on the entire affair. Important stuff, guys.

Enjoy the podcast. Get up and Rally!

Introducing The Daily Rally Podcast

A couple years ago, I figured out something very important about how my girlfriends consumed sports news: They didn’t.

As a recent college graduate who was on the dance team at the University of Florida, reported on all sports as a student and was beginning my career at the PGA TOUR, I had come to realize I was my friends’ source for sports news. I found that my female friends wanted to know what was happening in sports, felt an allegiance to their teams and found sports fun and interesting, but they weren’t going to turn on SportsCenter or follow a bunch of sports writers on Twitter.

I began wondering why there wasn’t a solid sports news outlet geared toward the female fan. And I’m not talking about some watered-down, pandering trash that’s wrapped in a pink bow and called “sports for women.” I mean, why was there nothing that discussed sports in the same way women actually talk to each other? There are about a billion fashion blogs, lifestyle brands and female-centric sites, but nothing about sports.

And so The Daily Rally was born. To start, I wanted to write a daily (well, by daily, I mean five days a week; come on) email newsletter that you could read in five minutes to catch up on the best viral videos, game results from the night before and stories from off the field. I wanted to make it funny, light, informative and human-interest oriented. I also wanted to make sure that avid sports fans and novices alike could enjoy the content. Women who want to get more into sports and avid female fans both deserve a solid piece of content written with them in mind. And. It. Wasn’t. Going. To. Be. Pink.

The newsletter is basically an aggregation of the stories I naturally bring up to my friends and videos I would send them on Instagram. From there I learned a couple things: 1. It’s not just young professional women who want a quick, humorous, informative way to keep up with sports news. A lot of guys were looking for this in their lives, too. 2. Becoming a morning person was going to be extremely difficult for me.

From there, I started making video content. I wanted to grow The Daily Rally brand to more than the daily morning newsletter, and a podcast had always been in the back of my mind.

The Daily Rally Podcast  will feature guests from all walks of life. Episodes will start with me and a friend discussing current sports news before going into an interview with a different guest. To kick things off, we have released three new episodes! We really wanted to hit the ground running.

Below you can listen to my conversations with Sergio Garcia’s wife Angela Garcia, the guys from Total Frat Move and Post Grad Problems, and SVP of Communications for the PGA TOUR Laura Neal.

Subscribe to the Podcast on iTunes, follow The Daily Rally on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and YouTube, and sign up for The Daily Rally newsletter. We want to hear your thoughts, so join in the conversation. Happy Listening. Get Up and Rally!