Pep Rally – Vol. 1

I’m thinking it’s time to start giving the TDR sections Off the Bench and Overtime some more love. Every morning I start and end each edition of TDR with the best social posts of the day. They are a crowd favorite among Ralliers, so why not do them a little more justice and give them a bit more context? Let’s break ’em down.


Off the Bench

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 6.18.15 AM

This is a photo of the clock in Atlanta Falcon’s head coach Dan Quinn’s office. And it cracks me up.

Player: “Hey coach, what time is it?”

Quinn: “Now. The time is now, son.”

Player: “No, I get that I just am running late and need to know the actual time.”

Quinn: “You’re never late if you’re living in the moment.”

Player: “I’m done with this conversation.”

This is such a better version of those inspirational quote posters with scenic views of like lakes and birds and stuff. This clock wins every time.



Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 6.26.57 AM

So, this one is amazing at face value. Stanley Cup full of hot dogs. Love it. 10/10 will make me laugh every time. But there is a great story here. When Phil Kessel was traded from the Maple Leafs to the Penguins, a Toronto Suns journalist said that Kessel ate a street dog every day. A hot dog every day. Well, it turns out that in fact, no he does not eat a hot dog a day, so this post is actually trolling a guy who trolled him over hot dogs. A reverse troll, if you will. Fantastic stuff.

So that’s how we kicked off and wrapped up today’s edition of TDR! Check out everything else we talked about here and sign up  to get The Daily Rally every weekday morning here.