Meow. Live With a Clemson Tiger in Championship Mode.

Today is the day. The National Championship has arrived. Clemson is taking on Alabama, and it just so happens, co-founder and head writer Kelly’s roommate Meghan is a Tiger herself. Megh also happens to be quite the wordsmith, so Kelly asked if she would live blog her day leading up to the game. These are her stores. *duh duh*

All jokes aside – It’s still great to be a Clemson Tiger.

12:18 PM – Well. It was a great game and we played extremely well.

Roll Tide Count – 27

11:55 PM – Ok gameplan – Legit score and then like CRAZY score. Got it? Good.

11:34 PM – So far, no wish. Hello up there? Hello??? It’s me, Meghan. No the other one. I know I know I’ve been kind of MIA lately. But just hear me out…

11:11 PM – MAKE A WISH.

11:02 PM – OMG you know what? Never mind I don’t want to jinx it.

10:55 PM – Yeah but let’s not give him the Heisman. WATSON IS AMAZING.

Roll Tide Count – 31

10:49 PM – Hold me closer tiny dancer!

10:41 PM – Too stressed to be blessed.

10:05 PM – Half Time thoughts – …k…k…. K…. k?….OK…Yes… K….

Roll Tide Count – 35

9:55 PM – Meow.

9:42 PM – We get it. You guys wear houndstooth.

9:34 PM – I’m calling it – Clemson gets a field goal next. Dabo loves a good field goal. I mean he’s just like “3 points is more than no points!”

9:27 PM – EXCESSIVE BLOCKING – Kelly and the bowl of chips. Meghan – first down.

9:22 PM – Gah my boys are wicked smaht.


9:09 PM – YAYYYYY I didn’t know that actually ever happened!! Dad-o i so happy (hehe sometimes I call Dabo Dad-o)

Roll Tide Count – 39 (yayyyyy)

9:00 PM – YAYY JK IM BACK I LOVE FOOTBALL YAYYYYYYYYYYY. New Rule – Clemson scores deduct 1 Roll Tide from the count!!

8:52 PM – Touchdown Bama! Well this has been fun. I will be sitting in a corner pondering my life choices.

8:47 PM – I am not a fan of ANY of these tattoos. Ok – back to football.

8:45 PM – BLEH bleh bleee I can’t watch.

8:41 PM – Oh we got this WE SO GOT THIS. Wooohooo Woohoohoohoo C-L-E-M-S-O——N!!!

8:31 PM – OK, Kelly is moving the laptop away from me. Reconvene at first time out! GO TIGIES.

8:30 PM – Muschamp on ESPN 2???? Who the %$#@ invited that meanie. HEY NO MEANIES ALLOWED.

8:29 PM – Ciara = flawless. Congratulations to Ciara for winning the 2015 NCAA Football Championship!

8:28 PM – Lots of orange, peeps!!!! Oh… oh wait that’s just one side of the stadium…lolz.

8:26 PM – Did we have flames? I really hope we also had flames.

8:25 PM – WE DON’T HAVE OUR HILL. This is a disaster. What was that??? That’s not how Clemson enters a stadium.

Roll Tide Count – 40 (thank you, RANDI, for your loving FB comments…)

8:23 PM – Are we ready? Are we sure we’re ready? HAVE WE HAD ENOUGH TIME?

8:00 PM – Listened to “Roar” three times in a row while mouthing the words to my reflection in the mirror. Maintained eye contact the entire time, obvi. Power Move. Dabo move.

7:38 PM – Gettin pumped. Gettin excited. Gettin scared. Gettin emotional. Gettin tears, tears are flowing. Pullin it together. Drinkin alcohol. Gettin happy. Gettin pumped.

7:22 PM – I receive this text from my dad “I am so pumped!”. Me too, Rick, me too.

For the record I didn’t die – I had to drive home from work (don’t blog and drive, kids). Also I had to work on my fitness. BUT NOW IM BACK!

Roll Tide Count – 35

4:45 PM – Someone just called me a tool. Worth it.

4:01 PM – My cousin just gave birth – this is a SOLID omen, right?

3:24 PM – Is this what being a hater is? I don’t know what I’m drinking, dollface, but if this is hate pour me another glass?

3:20 PM – Is football season year-round these days?

3:19 PM – Roll Tide” is the official rally chant of the Crimson Tide, and Alabama fans greet one another with the two-word catchphrase throughout the NCAA football season. “Football Season”??? Oh that is RICH….

3:06 PM – IMPORTANT UPDATE – Baby P has stopped crying.

2:44 PM – Hey Auburn fans remember when those Alabama people poisoned your tree? (Below the belt hits for page views…)

Roll Tide Count – 31

Roll Tide Count – 30

2:26 PM – What kind of beer do I want to drink tonight? Busch Light? Amiright? *looks around for a Clemson fan*

2:10 PM – Subtly dropped this passive aggression when a dig at my Clemson degree was made. YES KELLY AND SEAN I KNOW UF IS #14.

Editor’s Note: This is Kelly. I would like to point out Mila Kunis is technically my cat in terms of who pays for everything. We are a progressive family (She’s Megh Mom and I’m Kelly Mom) but I will say Meghan does feed Mila when I fall back asleep after posting TDR. Like this morning. Carry on, Megh Mom.


1:58 PM – Obligatory mid-day “I wonder what my cat is up to” thought sesh.

Roll Tide Count – 28

1:45 PM – Oh hey Randi…

1:36 PM – Baby P wants me to emphasize the importance of  “covering the spread”.

1:29 PM – BFFL Patrick just whined like a baby and made me update his final score estimate because I wrote it down wrong. Let the record show that Patrick is a baby.

Roll Tide Count – 27

1:25 PM – Am I a bad person for noticing David Bowie loved wearing purple and orange together? RIP.

1:09 PM – Changed the settings on her chair. The gift that keeps on giving… back pain.

1:05 PM – Spitting in a coffee cup is too obvious, right?

1:02 PM – Realize Randi is not at her desk…

12:43 PM – Walk back Stealthily sneak through the office to my cube.

12:32 PM – Drive back to work. Time to guess final scores. I say 27 – 23 (Clemson) and Patrick guesses 27 – 19 (Smellybama). You don’t scare me, sir. – Also, you’re a baby.

12:01 PM – No but seriously I’m bored and no one will talk to me. Instagram time. Like. Like. Double like (when you like a pic and then unlike it so that you can like it again and then you ponder how you’re a functioning adult).

11:45 AM – Head to lunch with my work BFFL – a surly 29 year old UF alum. He’s quiet. A little too quiet. Hey, Patrick, cat got your tongue? COMEDY.

Roll Tide Count – 19

11:31 AM – Realize there’s a kick me sign taped to my back. Realized the hard way. RANDI.

Roll Tide Count – 15

11:03 AM – Send obligatory “Go Tigers” selfie to all of my Clemson friends. Get caught taking selfie by coworkers. Mild “Meghan Selfies! clap clap clap clap clap” chant throughout the department begins.

10:45 AM – Googling “Roll Tide”.

10:00 AM – Planning my counter attack.

9:35 AM – Coworker creeps up behind me and whispers “Roll Tide” in my ear. Ha. Ha. HAAAAAAAAAAAA. Challenge accepted, Randi.

Roll Tide Count – 7

8:47 AM: But they hate Alabama! TOMAHAWK CHOP! *cringe

8:26 AM – All of the FSU fans I work with have reminded me that they hate Clemson. Roll Tide Count – 4

8:03 AM – Hear my first “Roll Tide” of the day. Ha… more like “Troll Ride” you used up sack of excre- Venti Soy Cappuccino, please.

Roll Tide Count – 1

8:02 AM – Standing in Starbucks I make eye contact with a woman in a Clemson tshirt. We both do that cool chin-nod and telepathically connect on the fact that we didn’t have to shout “Roll Tide” at each other.

7:34 AM – I wonder if the car behind me notices my Clemson Alumni license plate…

7:15 AM – Quick 3 minute reflection period with my cat, Mila Kunis. I notice she wore orange today and we high five.

6:48 AM – Time to adorn my brand spankin’ new Clemson hoodie *Rips off tag and creates small hole in fabric* Off to a great start.

6:30 AM – What do tigers dream of when they take their little tiger snooze? Harry Styles. No but seriously – WE GOIN TO THE NATTYYYYY.

Roll Tide Count – 0