Pep Rally Vol. 2

I’m thinking it’s time to start giving the TDR sections Off the Bench and Overtime some more love. Every morning I start and end each edition of TDR with the best social posts of the day. They are a crowd favorite among Ralliers, so why not do them a little more justice and give them a bit more context? Let’s break ’em down.

Off the bench

Ok, there is a lot we are working with here. OBJ – Odell Beckham Jr. is making a statement, and that statement is he does’t care about science and what these so-called “experts” have to say about staring directly at the eclipse. He took this here video of himself “staring at the eclipse” without the special glasses and rubbed his eyes and stuff. Lot of pageantry going on.

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 6.59.00 AM

That all being said, he is definitely faking it here. Appearances are not what they seem, folks! Looking at the eclipse actually isn’t that painful – or something. I read that in TIME. There are no immediate symptoms or pain bc no one has pain receptors in their retinas. Now that I have done some intense investigative work into whether or not OBJ was actually staring at the eclipse, I’m going to go never talk about eclipses ever again. Come to think of it, I bet Eclipse gum sales are going to be way done because everyone is sick of the word. So …. there.


Rally pigeon. Not much to break down here. It really speaks for itself. Straight forward stuff – pigeon got on the field and Rangers manager Jeff Banister took matters (and the actual pigeon) into his own hands and carried it off the field. Number one concern here is just that he washed his hands after. Those things are flying, feathered rats.


Alrighty, that covers that! Read the rest of today’s TDR here and subscribe to The Daily Rally here. Yas!