Steph! Whatchu doin’ in a Tour event?

So. Steph Curry is good at golf.

This we know. He tees it up in pro-ams and such all the time, so he took it a step further. Steph was for real for real in the field of the Ellie Mae Classic this week on a sponsor’s invite. In case you don’t live in the dark throws of the golf twitter universe (which … good for you. It’s a weird place.) some people were like huh? What? He obviously isn’t going to make the cut WHY would he be here.

Right. So why is he here?

Because it’s fun! The tournament usually invites someone in the community to tee it up with the big boys, and Steph Curry was their choice. Makes sense. And bonus – he held his own on Thursday and Friday posting a pair of 4-over 74s.  An incredibly good performance for a guy who, despite being a good amateur golfer, is not used to playing in tournament conditions. I guess all those NBA Finals appearances gave him nerves of steel or something. It was our pleasure to take over the @Esqiure Instagram Story on Friday to follow along. Checkout @TheDailyRally to relive the excitement that was Steph Curry on the Tour.

Quick refresher: What is the Tour?

The Tour is the PGA TOUR’s second best tour. Think AAA in the minor leagues. Really good and trying to get their shot at the big time. Guys try to earn enough money out here so they can earn their PGA TOUR card aka status to tee it up on the big stage. There are some great golfers out here that will be big deals soon enough. Famous Tour alum include Brandt Snedeker, Keegan Bradley and Zach Johnson. And now Steph Curry.

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