TDR Podcast Episode 1: Angela Garcia

The first episode of the Daily Rally Podcast features a guest who has quite the multifaceted perspective of the sports world. Angela Garcia was a golfer at the University of Texas, reported for Golf Channel and co-hosts a podcast on PGA TOUR Radio. She also happens to married to Sergio Garcia, and the pair recently welcomed their first child.

I sat down with Angela during the week of The Players Championship in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla. She was kind enough to welcome me into the home they were renting for the week near the course. Obviously when I walked in, Sergio was on the couch watching Family Feud. There were about four other members of his “team” coming in and out, Angela’s parents were there as well as their dog Bear and baby daughter Azalea. It’s literally a traveling circus.

And here’s the thing: they are doing this every week for the next three months. It’s a pretty remarkable way to live, especially with an infant daughter.

The couple has had their share of highlights the past couple years. Not only did they get married and have a baby, but Sergio won the 2017 Masters. A major victory had been a long time coming for Garcia, who at 38, was arguably the best player without a major victory.

So it’s safe to say the guy checked a lot of boxes in the life goals section recently.

During the interview, Angela told me about growing up in Texas (her dad is former Texas quarterback Marty Akins), playing golf in college, working in broadcast journalism and changing gears once she met Sergio.

My big questions was: how did she know Sergio was the real deal when they met while she was working? The secret: Friends first. True love second.

Before I got into the interview with Angela, I had my friend Meghan join me in what was supposed to be a discussion of current sports news. We quickly decided it was more important to discuss the recent Royal Wedding and really break down our thoughts on the entire affair. Important stuff, guys.

Enjoy the podcast. Get up and Rally!