TDR Podcast Episode 2: The guys of the Touching Base Podcast

In Episode 2 of The Daily Rally Podcast presented by I interviewed the gentlemen of the Touching Base with Post Grad Problems podcast while sipping a mimosa at an outdoor wine tent at the Players Championship. Not bad.

Grandex Inc. owns Total Frat Move and Post Grad Problems, both of which I have read for years. Dillon Cheverere is the VP of Media for Grandex, Will deFries is a senior contributor for Post Grad Problems and Dave Ruff is the legal counsel for Grandex and director of Post Grad Problems. Together, the three of them host the podcast Touching Base. They are still working on their elevator pitch to describe the show, but I can tell you its a funny, light-hearted conversation amongst friends on a variety of topics. Hard not to like.

The guys were all in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla. for the first time taking in the Players Championship. It had been an exciting week so far. They had surfed a dece party wave (now you have to listen to find out what that means), played some golf and were preparing to interview Blake Bortles the next day. Generally a very solid first time Jax experience.

We discussed their experiences that week, our takes on golf fashion and what upcoming content they have in the works back at their Austin headquarters. They were delightful guests and a lot of fun.

Before we get into the interview, my friend Meghan joined the podcast to discuss life as a “loud” person, overly zealous golf tournament volunteers and we tried our best to think up solid “Total Frat Moves.” Per usual, very important stuff.

Enjoy the pod! Get up and Rally!