TDR Podcast Episode 3: SVP of Communications for the PGA TOUR Laura Neal

In Episode 3 of The Daily Rally Podcast presented by, I sat down with SVP of Communications for the PGA TOUR Laura Neal.

If you want to get fired up, listen to this podcast. Laura is the perfect example of someone who has hustled to pave her own path inside the very male dominated world of golf. She started her career at the LPGA, and now she is the PGA TOUR commissioner’s right hand (wo)man when it comes to all things media.

Want to know how a sports league completely changes its marketing and messaging? She’s got your answers. Curious as to how a commissioner builds his personal brand? She’s done that.

Laura and I also got down to business discussing the golf industry’s tendency to be a bit of a good old boys club. She shared the story of a time she was running a media center and a player mistook her for a young girl on the phone and asked if she had a crayon to write down a message he was going to give her. You have to laugh to keep from crying.

The main takeaway is Laura is finding ways to modernize the PGA TOUR’s messaging and brand. She finds value in recognizing their are many different types of fans and voices, and each one should be recognized and served.

I was truly pumped up after this conversation. Nothing makes me want to work harder and grow The Daily Rally like talking to a woman who has worked her way to a top job in the sports industry.

Enjoy the podcast. Get up and Rally!