TDR: A dream

* Off the bench *

* Leading off *

Over the net

Yikes, Serena. It was looking like the GOAT was about to make it to the semi-finals at the Australian Open in her pursuit of her 24th Grand Slam title, when things went awry. She was literally one point away. Then she went over the line on a serve, she rolled her ankle and then just kept hitting the ball into the net. Disaster. Her opponent Karolina Pliskova saw her opening and took advantage of a flailing Serena. Karolina was like, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to have Serena in this position, so you betcha sweet cheeks I’m going for it. So that was Pliskova’s biggest comeback in her career and Serena’s biggest collapse. Wild.

* Halftime *

Allow me to reintroduce myself

Pitt had a guest last night during their game against Duke. Jay-Z was sitting courtside to watch Duke freshmen Zion Williamson and RJ Barrett who have been the talk of the town this season. Me thinks Jay would like to sign the two to Roc Nation Sports after they inevitably enter the draft following their freshmen season. It was kind of weird seeing him courtside in Pittsburgh, PA on a random Tuesday. Especially weird watching a crowd of nerdy white guys screaming his own lyrics at him whenever they played one of his songs. Zion said it was a dream come true having him in the crowd. He listens to his music while warming up and considers him the GOAT. What a big day for Zion.

* Keep your eye on the ball *

You can break rocks

Standing in the Hall of Fame oooOOOooOOOH… oh The Script. What a song, what a band. Speaking of the Hall of Fame though, baseball has four new members as of yesterday. A congratulations goes out to Mariano Rivera, Edgar Martinez, Roy Halladay, and Mike Mussina. All very deserving members who made some incredible memories playing America’s sport. It was an extra special call for Mariano Rivera when he got the news though. Not only did he gain acceptance into baseball’s most exclusive club, he became the first person to ever be unanimously voted in. His name appeared on all 425 ballots. That’s incredible. Congratulations to Mariano and all of the new members of the Baseball Hall of Fame.


* Overtime *