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Third down: College Football Recap

  • LSU vs. Texas A&M: Holy smokes this was a historic one. SEVEN OVERTIMES. Seven. It tied for most overtimes in FBS history with Texas A&M winning 74 – 72. The biggest loser of the night was LSU head coach Ed Orgeron whose players gave him a gatorade bath at the end of regulation thinking they had won. They, in fact, had not actually won, so coach got to spend overtime soaked and smelling like Glacier Freeze. Things got weirder from there: LSU director of player development Kevin Faulk got into an altercation with a Texas A&M staffer after the game. We are talkin’ men in khakis scuffling. Apparently the A&M guy punched an LSU special assistant in the chest who has a pacemaker. What is going on? This is madness.
  • Ohio State vs. Michigan: Well, that did not go well for the Wolverines. Ohio State DOMINATED rival Michigan 62 – 39 and now things are getting real silly in the playoff picture. Alabama, Clemson and Notre Dame should be in (unless something weird happens and Georgia beats Alabama in the SEC Championship) But that No. 4 spot is up for grabs, and Ohio State made a mighty good case for itself this weekend.
  • Oklahoma vs. West Virginia – speaking of teams who could make a good case for that No. 4 spot … sup, Oklahoma. The Sooners won in a shootout over West Virginia to head to their 4th straight Big 12 Championship. If they can handle Texas, the Playoff committee will have a v interesting decision in front of them. To add insult to injury, the players sang “Country Road Take me Home” on their way to the locker room after securing the victory. Cold. V cold.

Move the Chains

  • Vikings vs. Packers: The Vikings took care of the Packers 24 – 17 last night, and it was a ~statement~ victory. That pretty much sank the Packers chances of getting in the Playoffs aka they have like an 8% chance now. The Vikings really needed this one because they play both the Patriots and the Seahawks on the road in the next two weeks. So the Vikings stock is def going up while the Packers is dropping.
  • Cowboys vs. Redskins: The Cowboys are on a roll and Thanksgiving Day marked their third victory in a row. All of a sudden they are in first place in the NFC East, and Dak Prescott is feeling v confident after beating the Redskins 31-23. He called out everyone who jumped off the bandwagon after Dallas was 3-5, and said the team never stop believing in themselves. All you need is that 1 person out of 100 people in a room to believe in you or whatever Lady Gaga keeps saying in interviews.
  • Jaguars vs. Bills: And I’m gonna talk about my Jags because we lost our 7th consecutive game this weekend against the worst team in the NFL. Things were looking promising because running back Leonard Fournette was looking like himself again after a bum hamstring has ailed him all season. But that all ended when he decided to run off the sidelines and punch a Bills player in the face after the Bills players shoved a Jags player. He. Ran. Off. The. Sidelines. And. Punched. Him. In. The. Face. Both players were ejected and the Jags lost. Lenny took the blame on Instagram and what not, but this is what it has come to. Oh, and we fired our offensive coordinator today. It’s also been raining all day in Jax fittingly.

* Overtime *