TDR: Ballin’ like LeBron

* Off the bench *

* Leading off *


Way to get back to it, Gordon. Last night, Gordon Hayward almost cost his Celtics the game when he fouled Sacramento Kings player Buddy Hield on a three-pointer. So, Buddy got those three points, then had a chance to make three more foul shots to tie the score … which he did. There were 7.6 seconds left on the clock, so Gordon had pretty much one last chance to make up for his grave mistake, and he did it. He made his final shot, a tricky one at that, to help his Celtics win 111-109. **pulls at collar, wipes sweat from brow** Nice work, Gordon! That’s some inspiring stuff for your team right there. As for Buddy Hield, his final thoughts were, “I’m tired of this s–t.” Fair enough.

* Halftime *

Catch me courtside

Lol internet, you crazy. Everyone is freaking out because Lakers player Rajon Rondo sat four seats away from the coaching staff toward the end of their game against the Denver Nuggets. Twitter was super concerned why there was so much distance between Rondo and his team. For the record, Rajon is a known mentor to the younger guys on the team and helps out head coach Luke Walton a lot. Rondo is like, guys, this is literally not a big deal at all. I just like sitting in the nice seats at away games because ours always full in L.A. (Note the subtle shade there, Denver.)

* Keep your eyes on the ball *

Heading to the big times

This is exciting. Division II basketball player Amir Hinton announced he is declaring for the NBA Draft this year. If he gets drafted, he will be the first Div. II player to do so since 2005 . His team’s season is over, and he is going to skip his final season to get an agent and do the damn thing. Some scouts are saying he could be a top three guard in this class, and he is 49th on ESPN’s top 100 list. Go Amir! That would be very cool and we would all be very happy for you.

* Overtime *