TDR: Conference Call

* Off the bench *

* Leading off *

NFL Conference Championships

  • Patriots vs. Chiefs: The AFC Championship is going to be lit. On the one side, you have the GOAT Tom Brady at QB and on the other you have rookie sensation, light of our lives QB Patrick Mahomes. The Chiefs beat the Patriots in the regular season when New England was looking a tad lethargic (they lost five times, all on the road), but the Pats are the Pats and they have seriously come into form since then. It’s their eighth straight AFC Championship appearance (lol) so expect them to act like they’ve been there before. Kansas City has home field advantage and is considered the favorite heading into Sunday. Also, some weird things are going to happen weather wise: there’s an arctic blast that could affect Kansas City, and there will be a lunar eclipse during the game where the moon will turn red. IDK if any of that will make a difference, but nature is neat and I thought you should know.
  • Rams vs. New Orleans: Wow I just read someone refer to the Rams’ offense as the Goffense (Jared Goff is the QB duh) and now I feel like the dumbest person ever for not thinking of that myself. Also, has that been a thing all season and I’m just seeing that? Am I losing credibility to you? Anyways, the NFC Championship. The Rams have a fabulous run game with Todd Gurley and C.J. Anderson, but New Orleans’ defense is mighty good at stopping the run. These two are meeting in the Superdome which is a veryyyyy tough place to play in if you’re the away team. It gets really loud. It’s a dome. Drew Brees is heading into the twilight years of a very solid career, and a win like this/trip to the Super Bowl could be a defining moment. So it all comes down to this. The penultimate game(s) of the season. Leggo.

* Overtime *