TDR: D(erby)-Day

* Off the bench *

* Leading off *


Buncha dapper gentlemen showed up on the bench for the Trailblazers last night, and me thinks that is why Portland beat Denver 97-90. The coaching staff all wore bowties in honor of video coordinator/development coach Jon Yim who was injured in a car crash last week. Jon wears bowties for Wednesday games (love that so much) and the show of support was super sweet. Portland’s star player Damian Lillard has had a huge postseason so far, but we didn’t quite see that last night. Lucky for him, his teammates really stepped up and helped their boy out to get the win. CJ McCollum especially had a good night. He said after the game that he and Damian can literally communicate just by looking at each other after six years of playing together. OMG, Karen. Maybe they have ESPN or something.


  • What did we tell you? Don’t count out the Dallas Stars. They tied up their series with the Blues last night by pretty much dominating all parts of the game to win 4-2. Blues goalie Jordan Binnington had himself a MOMENT first punching a guy in the ear then slashing at a another Blues players as he skated off the ice at the end of the second period. Dallas was up 4-1, so Jordy was probably a bit frustrated. He received a couple penalties for being a jerk and being a jerk again. Series is tied 2-2
  • Tough times for the Islanders. The Carolina Hurricanes won last night to take a 3-0 series lead. *Insert all of the awkward smiling emojis* Only four teams in NHL history have ever ever overcome that deficit to win a series. We also found out Carolina has quite a sense of humor. Earlier in the season, legendary hockey commentator guy Don Cherry called the team “a bunch of jerks” for their elaborate post-win celebrations. “HOCKEY ISN’T SUPPOSED TO BE FUN STOP CELEBRATING YOUR SUCCESSFUL” – old crotchety guy, apparently. Carolina is leaning into it, and spelled out “JERKS” in the stands. How fun is this team! I bandwagoned the Golden Knights last year because of their elaborate pre-game show (think Game of Thrones, but make it hockey), so now I will be a Hurricanes fan, bc who doesn’t love a little shade.

* Keep your eye on the ball *

Not gonna storm the beach

The best horsey of all the horsies dropped out of the Kentucky Derby yesterday. Omaha Beach (chic name, yet conjures up lots of violent imagery) has a bit of a cough, so he is scratched from the big race this weekend. Why can’t I stop picturing this horse coughing like a human and bringing his hoof up to cover his mouth? “Sorry, Bob. I’m gonna have to call in sick. Just can’t shake this cough. Maybe standing here and swatting flies with my tail constantly will help get me right.” So now the favorite is Game Winner (way to manifest the future you want for yourself) and right behind him is Improbable (name is already a move title, nice choice) and Roadster (meh, weak).

* Overtime *