TDR: Derrilicte

* Off the bench *

* Leading off *

Thursday Night Football Recap

Well, Derek Henry is not human. He ran for four touchdowns last night against the Jags including a 99-yarder where he took down almost every player on the Jags defense. That tied the record for longest NFL touchdown ever.  Literally, stiff-armed three players. *Jags fans pull at collars nervously* So he set the record for rushing yards and rushing TDs for Thursday Night Football. An absolute career night for Derrilicte. Derek, so hot right now, Derek.

Move the Chains: NFL Preview

  • Rams vs. Bears – Wooo this is a good one. We get two of the *hot* young quarterbacks in the NFL matching up with Rams QB Jared Goff and Bears QB Mitch Trubisky. Well … hopefully Mitch plays – he’s missed the past two games with a shoulder injury. And in super cute news: the two QBs were roommates for a bit! Goff has had a tremendous season leading his team to an 11-1 record. The Rams are already NFC West champs with four games left to play. Not so fast, Rams. The Bears defense will definitely present quite the challenge, so this might be a close one on Sunday.
  • Texans vs. Colts – The Texans are on quite the hot streak. They started the season 0-3 but are on a nine-game win streak. It all started with their overtime win against the Colts in Week 4, so Indy will be seeking revenge. Let’s check-in with how they did last week: annnnd they were shut out by the very terrible Jacksonville Jaguars. All the Texans need to do to clinch the AFC South is win over the Colts this weekend. And that should probably, definitely happen.
  • Cowboys vs. Eagles – So the Eagles have not had a great season. Last time they played Dallas a month ago, they lost, and then got destroyed by the Saints the next week. Not good. But hey! They have turned it around, and this game will now determine the NFC East. If Dallas wins, they will move to two games ahead of the Eagles (and the Redskins if they continue to lose). If the Cowboys lose, the Eagles will take the top spot. THE IMPLICATIONS.

* Overtime *