TDR: Don’t play Gloria

* Off the bench *

* Leading off *


And the Stanley Cup Finals are underway, folks. The Bruins and the Blues have Game 1 under their belt, and Boston is one step closer to raising the Stanley Cup. It had been a hot minute since the Bruins had played a game (they swept the Hurricanes in the conference finals, so they had a lot of time off) and they were a touch rusty in the first period. St. Louis went up 2-0, but Boston got it together and scored four unanswered goals to win 4-2. Game 2 is tomorrow at 8 p.m.


And would ya look at that, the NBA Finals are set. The Raptors beat the Bucks on both Thursday and Saturday night to take the series and get the chance to win a championship. Kind of insane that the Bucks won the first two games of the series before getting put in their place four straight games in a row by Toronto. All throughout the postseason, Kawhi Leonard has been the man for the Raptors. He made that ridiculous quadruple doink buzzer-beater to take the series over Philly, and he was the leader the team needed to put the Bucks away on Saturday. This is the first time the Raptors have made it to the Finals, and it all begins Thursday night. Are the rookies ready for the Warriors? We shall see.

* Halftime *

You used to, you used to

The most annoying part of the Raptors run in the playoffs has without question been Drake. We get it. You’re from Toronto. You like sports. You like being an obnoxious fan. Drake makes it kind of difficult to root for the Raptors, because watching him run up and down the sidelines screaming at the opposing team is just a bad lewk. Reporters asked Warriors coach Steve Kerr if he was worried about Drake’s antics. “I’m not worried,” Kerr said. “I called him on his cell phone …” Oh, Steve. Aren’t you a cutie dad using Drake’s own lyrics to deflect. We will see if he remains this calm about things come Thursday.

MDW love

It was a very romantic Memorial Day Weekend for Houston Texans star J.J. Watt. The big guy got engaged to his equally sporty lady friend Kealia Ohai. She is a soccer player for the Houston Dash, so the two are probably just constantly competing. I picture that Gatorade commercial with Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade as a real life look at J.J. and Kealia’s relationship. It looked like a wildly picturesque situation, and the pair looked super happy. Congrats you crazy kids!

* Overtime *