TDR: Dreams and nightmares

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NFL Divisional Round Recaps

  • Chiefs over Colts – The Chiefs are just very, very good. They’re very good. The weather outside was weather during this one, and the Colts couldn’t hang. The Chiefs scored on their first three positions and there just wasn’t much the Colts could do about. Even the Indy’s veteran kicker 46-year-old Adam Vinatieri couldn’t get it together. He missed a 23-yard field goal – his first time missing one that close in 22 postseason tries. Old man Vinatieri’s beard was as snowy as the ground around him. So the Colts are out and the Chiefs are headed to the AFC Championship
  • Rams beat the Cowboys – Los Angeles really rammed the Cowboys into the ground with their run game. *tips hat to camera* Todd Gurley and CJ Anderson crushed it, each rushing for more than 100 yards. Until Saturday, the Rams had only won one postseason game since their 2002 Super Bowl appearance. That little stat isn’t as bad as this Cowboys one: Dallas has not won a road playoff game in 26 years. So onward and upward for the Rams, and the Cowboys have some things to think about in the offseason. Former Cowboy Terrell Owens is VERY vocal that head coach Jason Garrett needs to be fired. He tweeted at Jerry Jones that Garrett has only won two playoff games in 10 years, soooo it’s probably time to move on. T.O speaks for Cowboys fans everywhere.
  • Patriots over Chargers – And just like that, Philip Rivers is 0-8 against Tom Brady. The Pats rolled past the Chargers (are you seeing a trend this weekend?) to go to their 13th AFC Conference Championship during the Tom Brady era. Actually hilarious how frequently this guy has helped his team get there. His “normal” is a way bigger deal to everyone else. Anyone else would be like omg we made it to the penultimate game of the season and Brady’s just like,  well obviously we are going to the AFC Championship. So, that was a big bummer for the Chargers. They haven’t been to the conference championship since 2007. But Brady’s gonna Brady and there isn’t much anyone can do about it.
  • Saints edge out Eagles – FINALLY an interesting game. The Eagles were in control of the game early on with backup QB sensation Nick Foles bucking his head. But the Saints came marching back (easiest pun ever) with Drew Brees orchestrating a couple beautiful offensive drives, and then Marcus Lattimore helped put the nail in the coffin. Nick Foles and the Eagles had one last chance to get the win driving down the field with only a couple minutes left. Foles threw a pass to Alshon Jefferies … and it went right through his hands. Lattimore intercepted it (his second of the day) and the Saints had it in the bag. So the Saints will host the Rams in the NFC Championship, meaning both the No. 1 and No. 2 seeds in both conferences made it to their conference championships. There is a certain balance and satisfaction that comes with that.

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