TDR: Festive Football Friday

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Move the Chains: NFL Preview

  • Steelers vs. Saints: It’s week 16 in the NFL and that means a lot of games with a lot of playoff implications. Leading off this week is an important matchup between the Saints and the Steelers. The Saints are looking to lock up home field advantage throughout the playoffs, and a win at home this week would guarantee the No. 1 seed in the NFC come playoff time. Meanwhile, the Steelers are looking to bolster their playoff hopes. A lot hinges on this one, if they beat the Saints, and the Ravens lose to the Chargers, the Steelers will lock up the AFC North. But if they lose to the Saints and the Ravens beat the Chargers, well then all of a sudden, the Steelers will be standing on the wrong side of the playoff picture. Get ready for some drama. Should be fun.
  • Chiefs vs. Seahawks: Both of these teams are looking to have a big weekend. The Chiefs clinch the AFC West title with a win, while the Seahawks are just trying their best to make it into the playoffs. Both teams are also licking their wounds after rough weekends last week. The Seahawks lost in overtime to the 49ers (yikes) and the Chiefs lost last minute to the Chargers. Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes has to be feeling better though, because he was named the Pro Bowl starter for the AFC. Good for you, rookie! Soooo, we are pretty sure the Chiefs are going to get back on the winning train this weekend.
  • Eagles vs. Texans: This is an important one for the Eagles. If the defending Super Bowl champs want any shot at reclaiming their title, they are going to have to beat a mighty good Texans team, and hope for some other teams to lose on Sunday. There are a couple scenarios out there for them to make the playoffs, but they all start with them winning their final two games. On the other side of the ball, the Texans are looking to secure their spot in the playoffs and could potentially secure the AFC’s No. 2 seed in the playoffs with a win against the Eagles. It’s gonna be some good holiday football I tell ya.

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