TDR: Find me in the club

* Off the bench *

* Leading off *


Quick baseball check in: The Yankees might have an ever-growing injury list, but they came away with a couple important Ws this week. New York swept the Red Sox in their two game series and decided to turn the locker room into the clerb. We’re talking fog machines, we’re talking strobe lights, we’re talking lots of bass, we’re talking reporters trying not to have seizures while they interview players. They definitely had something to celebrate after veteran outfielder Brett Gardner hit a grand slam for his 100th career home run. Way to hit that milestone with a bang. So yeah, the Red Sox are a mess and the Yankees got a nice moral victory in addition to the actual victory last night.

* Halftime *

Gronk smash

Oh, that Gronk. Rob Gronkowski might be retiring, but he isn’t peacing out without leaving his mark on the Patriots … specifically on the Lombardi Trophy. Gronk took the Pats’ most recent Super Bowl trophy to the Red Sox home opener, and he used it as a bat. Lol. Julian Edelman was warming up his arm, so Gronk saw that as an opportunity. He bunted a ball with the trophy, which left a bit of a dent in it. What a silly guy! The team said they might get the dent fixed eventually, but for now they will keep it there for sentimental reasons.

* Keep your eye on the ball *

Browns, so hot right now

The Browns were so bad for so long, and now they are that new hotness in such a big way. So they had a few just really terrible season records. Like didn’t win a single game type records. But after appearing on Hard Knocks last season, rookie QB Baker Mayfield breathing new life into the team and now adding Odelle Beckham Jr. to the roster, the Browns might just be the most popular girl at the party. NFL schedules were released last night, and the Browns will be featured in four primetime games. They pretty much never get prime time games, so this is an amazing turn around for Cleveland. Good for y’all! The country believes in you.

* Play under review *

Stop laughing

The Nets and 76ers are in the middle of their playoff series all tied up with one win a piece. There is an extra  bit of tension between the two teams after some bows were thrown during the last game. Joel Embiid elbowed Jarrett Allen right in the face during Game 2, and it was ruled a flagrant foul. Jarrett was fine, but when Joel Embiid apologized during the post-game press conference, he and teammate Ben Simmons started laughing. They probably just felt awkward and laughed to cut the tension, but a lot of Nets players thought it was inappropriate. So if you see some more bows flying during their game tonight, that is definitely why.

* Overtime *