TDR: Flippin’ mad

* Off the bench *

* Leading off *


We really built this bad boy up, so we gotta update you on what happened when new Philly Bryce Harper returned back to D.C. to play the Nats last night. And being the drama queen that he is, Bryce hit a home run in the eighth inning and flipped his bat. The ultimate sign of disrespect and “HA HA, you couldn’t FOOL ME!!” move. Shout out to all the Phillies phans (ha) who traveled to the game, because there were a lot of them. So yeah, Bryce had a huge game against his former teammate, star pitcher Max Scherzer, and Philly won 8-2 to go 4-0 on the season. Way to live up to the hype and deliver, BHarpies.


Russell Westbrook had a historic game last night, and he did it to honor a fallen friend. Westbrook became the second player in history to record a 20-20-20 game, aka, 20 points, 21 assists and 20 rebounds in a game. Russ said he did it to honor his friend, rapper Nipsey Hussle, who died this week. At the end of the game, his coach was trying to send in a sub for him, and he said nope, I’m staying in the game. Coach Billy Donovan said after the game, he knew Russ was trying to do something to honor his friend, so he explained that to me. An emotional Russ yelled “This one’s for Nipsey” at the end of the game, and was def able to honor his fellow Los Angelian with that performance.

* Keep your eye on the ball *

To A&M and Beyond

Virginia Tech coach, and absolute legend, Buzz Williams is leaving the Hokies for Texas A&M. Everyone kinda knew this was coming, he was the only candidate really in consideration since their former coach left last month, so Buzz is coming home to the Aggies. He started his career as an assistant coach for A&M, and he truly is one of the best coaches in college basketball. If it wasn’t for a heavy dose of luck at the end of Tech’s Sweet 16 game against Duke, the Hokies would have moved onto the Elite Eight thanks to the incredible coaching of Buzz. Why are you so high on this random coach, Kelly? Well I’ll tell you why. Listen to this interview he did with the boys over Pardon My Take, and tell me you aren’t inspired to work a little harder today. Texas A&M are some lucky ducks to have Buzz at the helm.

* Play under review *

I will remember you

We laughed, we cried. We all watched *maybe* one game that one Saturday in February of the AAF. The Alliance of America Football (aka not the NFL) was a startup football league created this year. (I literally feel like I’m delivering a eulogy.) Basically, it was a place guys could go if they weren’t being picked up by NFL teams or maybe their careers were winding down. Well after two glorious months, operations have been halted. They outta money. The football was kinda sloppy, but had some exciting elements, and was a novelty following the end of the NFL season. The GOAT of the AAF had to have been Steve Spurrier, the legendary college football coach and leader of the Orlando Apollos. He deserves an award. Anyways, Rest in Peace, AAF. We will remember you fondly.

* Overtime *