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  • Okie, so we are in the conference semifinals for the NBA Playoffs. Here’s the breakdown. Over in the West we have Golden State vs. Houston and Portland vs. Denver. In the East it’s Boston vs. Milwaukee and Philly vs. Toronto. This weekend, the Raptors put away the 76ers and the Celtics beat the Bucks to take the lead 1-0 in their respective series. HOWEVA, the most dramatic game was def Warriors vs. Rockets …
  • Golden State vs. Houston is a very intense series. It’s the rematch the people have been waiting for since last year. The people also are feeling like officiating could be what makes or breaks this series. It was a close game last night, and with the Rockets down by three with 10 seconds left, James Harden attempted to tie up the game. Harden is really good at drawing fouls, and he thought he had done it again dramatically falling to the floor during his 3-point attempt with Draymond Green defending him. There was no foul call. Alllllll anyone is talking about is if the refs are blowing it by not calling enough fouls. Both teams have more than their share of opinions about the issue, and it is kind of exhausting. These are two good pieces from ESPN and CBS about the issue that discuss it in different ways. All this debate has become a staple of the NBA both when discussing how James Harden plays and how refs officiate. It’s a lot. And it kind of ruins the fun IMHO.


We are also in the conference semifinals for the NHL Playoffs. Over in the west we have the Sharks vs. the Avalanche and the Blues vs. the Stars. In the East, it’s the Bruins vs. the Blue Jackets and the Islanders vs. the Hurricanes.

  • So last night the Hurricanes had a serious rallying moment to beat the Islanders 2-0. They have sooo many injured guys on their team, and they lost their starting goalie/playoff star six and a half minutes into the second period. Gulp. Backup Curtis McElhinney did everyone proud by shutting out New York and stepping up in a big way. The Hurricanes are up 2-0 in the series, let’s see if their battered team can crawl their way to the Eastern Conference Finals.
  • Last night’s other game was between Colorado and San Jose. Game 1 was rough for the Avalanche, but they got it together to win 4-3 last night to even the series 1-1. Tonight we have Game 3 of the Blues vs. the Stars with the series tied up. Getting ever closer to the Stanley Cup Finals, people.

NFL Draft

The Draft happened last Thursday in Nashville, Tennessee, and it was actually wild how many people were in the crowd. The whole event happened outside on Broadway, and there were so many fans there. Apparently, a lot of bachelorette parties were not too thrilled about it. The main things to take away from the draft are as follows: the Cardinals picked Heisman winner Kyler Murray with their no. 1 overall pick rendering their current QB Josh Rosen useless. They traded up for him last year, and now he’s trading the desert for the beach to play for the Dolphins. The experts are saying Denver, Jacksonville, Tennessee and Washington all had very solid drafts, whereas the whole country is kind of laughing at the Giants for going completely rogue and picking DUKE QB Daniel Jones with their No. 6 pick. I hope for Daniel’s sake he does some big stuff in years to come, because the world is dragging the Giants for this bizarre pick. Here’s a rundown of each team’s draft if you wanna get steep on the choices your team made. We understand if you turned off the tv after Taylor Swift made her big announcement about a new single an hour into the draft. Which was also a weird time and place for her to do that. Football! It’s like four months away!

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