TDR: Georgia on my mind

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College Football Playoff Rankings

Things are getting SERIOUS in the College Football Playoff ranking. As expected, Alabama is still No.1, Clemson No. 2 and Notre Dame No. 3. Obviously, of course, moving on. And who pray tell snuck into that No. 4 spot? Georgia. Georgia snuck into that spot. They knocked out Michigan after the Wolverines’ high key embarrassing loss to Ohio State last week. Oklahoma is in that No. 5 spot and Ohio State is No. 6. This makes this weekend’s SEC Championship matchup between Alabama and Georgia even more interesting. Oh the drama.

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California dreaming

After visiting a lot of different schools, the No. 1 women’s basketball prospect has made her decision on where she will play next year. Haley Jones is taking her talents to Stanford, which is only 45 minutes away from her home. Huuuge get for Stanford. She is the first No. 1 prospect to sign there since 2010. She entertained South Carolina, who currently has the top-ranked recruiting class in the country, but ended up staying on the west coast best coast.

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Don't fake someone's death?

Oh, NO. Someone from Ballybrack FC, an amateur Irish football team, falsely reported that one of their players was killed in a car accident. Games were cancelled, minutes of silence were held by other clubs in the league and a notice was put in the newspaper. Wut. The chairman of the team started looking into ways to help out the player’s family, but realized omg, this guy isn’t dead. He was in Spain for four weeks and they contacted him and figured out he was fine. Sooo, that guy was fired who claimed he was dead. It appears the stunt was pulled to avoid playing a game on Thursday night. Turns out the player was just relocated by his real job, and that’s why he was back in Spain. Can’t feel good to find out you’re dead.

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