TDR: Good try, buddy

* Off the bench *

* Leading off *

Monday Night Football Recap

The Texans and Titans had a little AFC South showdown on Monday Night Football last night. And what the heck, I think the Titans sucked the souls out of the Jags because they have now won eight games in a row. The final was 34-17, and the Texans are now two games clear of the Colts in the division. It was a really nice way to celebrate their late owner Bob McNair who passed away last week. Before the game they sang “Amazing Grace” which if you don’t shed at least one tear during that you’re a cyborg. So watch out Chiefs and Patriots, the AFC has a new contender as we look to the playoffs in a few weeks.

* Halftime *

Better than LeBron

THANK GOD LAVAR BALL IS RUNNING HIS MOUTH AGAIN. The world felt empty for a while there. LeBron James went to the Lakers, so stage dad LaVar Ball wasn’t causing a scene. He knew yapping about his son Lonzo (also plays for the Lakers) couldn’t compete with that kind of media attention. However, he is back in the media and claiming his youngest son Lamelo is better than LeBron was in high school. He also said Lamelo will not play ball at UCLA because “they messed that up.” He’s referring to the time his other son LiAngelo was arrested for shoplifting in China. Also that they made him wear No. 15 instead of No 3. The audacity. It’s good to have you back, LaVar. Keep being your best self.

* Play under review *


Baker Mayfield is really hitting his stride as the Browns quarterback, and he does not have time for niceties about his former coach Hue Jackson. After Jackson was fired by the Browns, he went a hop, skip and a jump away to be a special assistant for the Bengals. Now, stay with me here, Cincinnati and Cleveland are both in Ohio. They are also both in the AFC North. Baker didn’t like that his former coach was going into enemy territory and said so in a post-game press conference. ESPN Analyst Damien Woody did not approve of this and told Baker to “grow up” on First Take. Telling someone to grow up is the best insult. His point was coaches get fired all the time and need new jobs. It’s business. He also brought up the fact Baker transferred from Texas Tech to Oklahoma soooooo. Sick burn. Baker responded in an Instagram comment saying it wasn’t comparable because he didn’t lose 30+ games and act fake. He also wasn’t going to have a scholarship. He then signed it off with “Good try, buddy.” Yikes does “buddy” trump telling someone to grow up?

* After further review *

Lenny out

SO Jags running back Leonard Fournette decided it would be a good idea to run off the sidelines and start fighting with a Bills player on Sunday. Lenny was just starting to hit his stride again after battling a hamstring injury, and then he went and did that. He was ejected from the game, and while he did take responsibility for the Jags’ loss, the team suspended him for this Sunday’s upcoming game. *throws head back* ughhhhhhhhhhhhh. In other Jags news, QB Blake Bortles has been benched in favor of backup Cody Kessler and the offensive coordinator was fired yesterday. Good times in Jax.

* Overtime *