TDR: Hay baby

* Off the bench *

* Leading off *


  • Gordon Hayward had a big night last night, leading the Celtics to a 115-102 victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves. Hayward, who is coming back this season from a gruesome injury suffered last year, had his biggest night of the season, scoring 35 points and dishing out five assists. Hayward’s recent re-emergence has been huge for the Celtics, as they have rebounded from a slow start to the season and are right in the thick of the Eastern conference playoff race.
  • Paul George is good at basketball. This we know. The fans in LA know it too, and they weren’t very happy when he decided to stay put in Oklahoma this past offseason. All year last year, it was rumored that George would opt to head out west to join Lebron and co. to form the next superteam, but alas, Paul had different plans. Lakers fans voiced their displeasure with this decision last night, as the Oklahoma City Thunder made their first trip to visit the Lakers this season. Mr. George was greeted by a chorus of boos, but that didn’t stop the star from putting up 37 points to lead his team to victory over the Lakers and their disgruntled crowd. Better luck next time, LA.

* Halftime *

It's my prerogative

There is sooo much Antonio Brown drama happening currently. So AB was benched Sunday after he failed to show up for work on Saturday. He has been dealing with a couple injuries this season, so he was rested in practice and ordered to get an MRI. He did not get the MRI and went AWOL Friday and Saturday, but then his agent reached out to head coach Mike Tomlin on Sunday to let him know AB wanted to play. Tomlin was like lol, no. So now there are rumors that AB requested to be traded, he unfollowed the Steelers on Instagram and followed the 49ers, and by god he dressed up as a dancing hippo on The Masked Singer. So this show premiered last night. It features celebrities in masks singing songs and the audience votes on who they want to stick around and continue on the show. Whoever is voted off has to reveal themselves, and last night the hippo got the boot. Low and behold, it was Antonio Brown. That’s where he was, coach! He was just off living his true dream as a singing hippo. It all comes full circle.


Classic, Drake. Bandwagonning once again. The rapper posted a video during a workout to talk about New Year’s resolutions and what not, but the most eye-catching part of the vid was the Alabama sweatshirt he was sporting. Drake is usually a massive Kentucky fan (he gifted the team rings in 2012 and participated in an awkward warm-up session with them one time) but me thinks that support only extends to the basketball team. He also was obsessed with Texas A&M when Johnny Manziel was there. That’s not how this works Drake! That’s not how any of this works! Well Bama should be a teensy bit worried, because the teams Drake supports usually don’t end up performing too well. You may not be superstitious, Nick Saban. But if you are a little stitious, get Drake outta here.

* Keep your eye on the ball *

Who needs tickets?

Looks like National Championship tickets are selling on the cheap. Once it shook out that Alabama and Clemson would be meeting AGAIN, ticket prices dropped significantly for the season finale in Santa Clara, Cal. Probably because it’s in SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA and literally no one cares about college football there. It’s also hella far away from both fan bases. Apparently, the location was picked in hopes the local community would get more into college football. Yes, a place that doesn’t even care about their own (sometimes) good football teams of Stanford and Cal. Yes, let’s see if this will change hearts and minds. So if you’re a Bama or Clemson fan with a lot of airline points, go ahead and get yourself out there.

* Overtime *