TDR: Holiday Recap Spectacular

* Off the bench *

* Leading off *

It’s been literally the longest holiday break in the history of mankind, so we are getting you all caught up on all the drama. We’re talkin’ playoffs, we’re talkin’ bowl games, we’re talkin’ coaches out looking for new jobs. Consider this your holiday wrap-up.

College Football

Playoff Picture: Congratulations to all of us, we get another Alabama vs. Clemson matchup this year in the National Championship. This is the fourth straight year they have met at some point in the Playoff blahhhhhh. Notre Dame obviously played terribly against Clemson in the semi-final (that’s what you get when you don’t play in a conference like the rest of us, ND), so the Tigers cruised to that victory 30-3. Alabama went up 28-0 to start their game against Oklahoma, so most of the country went to bed. The Sooners tried to make it a game, but couldn’t overcome that hot start, and lost 34-45. So get ready for groundhog day aka the National Championship next Monday with our same ole same ole matchup. Riveting stuff.

Bowlin’ bowlin’ bowlin’: Soooo Georgia lost its bowl game against Texas and Ohio State barely held on over Washington. Quick refresher: Georgia and Ohio State were 5 and 6 respectively in the Playoff rankings, so they could have made the committee look a little silly if they murdered in their bowl games. They didn’t, so the gang doesn’t look like they made a huge mistake in not putting those teams in the Playoff.. Oh and thank GOD LSU beat UCF, yesterday. We are leaving this UCF real National Champions nonsense in 2018. Not bringing that into this year, folks. Kind of great seeing a reverse David and Goliath story with Goliath rightfully getting the W.

Coaching Stuffs:  The big one here, of course, is slimeball Urban Meyer says he’s done with coaching. His wife reiterated that she is super done with coaching. So, apparently, the victory over Washington yesterday was Urbs’ last hoorah, and he will now crawl into whatever little hole he can find to live out the rest of his years.


Playoff Picture: The last time we touched base, it was still the regular season, and a lot of playoff drama was yet to be decided. We had tight divisional races, wildcard spots to be decided, and goals to be attained while other dreams were simultaneously crushed. Now we are back and ready to fill in you to so that you are all primed and ready for the playoffs.

  • AFC:

    • Let’s start at the top. The Kansas City Chiefs claimed the top seed in the AFC, earning home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Joining them with a first round bye are the Patriots, who secured the second seed in the AFC with a week 17 victory over the Jets.
    • After that, things get interesting. In the first wild card matchup, we have a couple of divisional rivals set to face off as the sixth seeded Colts take on the third seeded Texans. Both teams had wild turnarounds to the season after both teams made the playoffs following 0-3 and 1-5 starts respectively. Consider this the season series grudge match, as both teams beat the other once in the regular season.
    • The second wild card matchup features two sneaky good teams. It’s the number five seeded Chargers vs. the number four seeded Ravens. The Chargers actually finished with the same record on the season as the Chiefs, but lost the tie-breaker with the Chiefs, allowing Kansas City to win the division and along with it the number one overall seed in the AFC. The Ravens on the other hand, won their division with a week 17 victory over the Browns. This win not only won the division for them, but kept the Steelers from winning it instead, and therefore resulted in their hated rivals missing the playoffs. These two teams actually played in week 16, with the Ravens coming away with the victory, so we’ll see if the Chargers learned anything from them the first time around.
  • NFC:

    • Again, starting with the top, it’s the Saints and the Rams who earned the top two seeds (Number one and two seeds respectively) and therefore first round byes in the playoffs. Both teams had amazing years finishing with 13-3 records, but seemed to slow down towards the end of the season. They’ll get an extra week off to prep though, so don’t be sleeping on them.
    • With the first wild card matchup, the sixth seeded Eagles will take on the third seeded Bears. Yes, you read that correctly- the Eagles somehow snuck into the playoffs, winning their last three games of the year, and getting some timely help from a Vikings loss in week 17. Their Super Bowl defense will begin in Chicago, against a defense that led the league in almost all categories all year.
    • Finally, in the last wild card matchup, the number five seeded Seahawks will travel to Dallas to take on the number four seeded Cowboys. Both teams sort of flew under the radar all year, but are playing their best football here late in the season, so don’t be surprised if either of them make some noise. Couple of sneaky sleepers.

Coaching stuffs: With the end of the regular season comes a lot of disappointment for a lot of teams. That disappointment oftentimes manifests in coaches losing their jobs. This year, there was no shortage of firings, as the Packers, Browns, Broncos, Cardinals, Jets, Dolphins, Bucs, and Bengals will all be searching for a new head coach. That’s a lot of turnover, and the offseason is just starting. Good luck to all of these struggling teams and their fanbases. Hopefully they find the right person to lead them back to glory.

* Overtime *