TDR: Hoo dat

* Off the bench *

* Leading off *


  • The Warriors set a league and franchise record for most points ever scored in the first quarter last night. In their matchup with the West-leading Denver Nuggets, Steph Curry and Co. went off for 51 points in the first quarter, making 10 three pointers along the way (also a franchise record). This should be especially scary to the rest of the league, considering how well the Nuggets have played so far this year, but then again, it seems like the Warriors are always doing things like this. Anyways, the big quarter led to a 142-111 Warriors victory- surprise, surprise.
  • Over in the college realm, we had a big time top-10 matchup between two fierce ACC rivals last night. No. 9 Virginia Tech traveled up the road to Charlottesville to take on undefeated No. 4 Virginia in the first ever top-10 meeting between the two teams in their storied history. Unfortunately for the Hokies, they ran into a buzz saw, as the Cavaliers raced out to a 44-22 halftime lead. Final score? 81-59. Up next for UVa is a highly anticipated trip to Duke this Saturday, as College Gameday will be broadcasting live from Cameron Indoor. Make sure to tune in.

* Halftime *

What's in a name

Huge news out of the MLB: Melvin Upton Jr. changed his name back to B.J. Upton. Stop the presses. For the first ten seasons of MelvinB.J.’s career, he went by B.J. His dad’s nickname is Bossman, so B.J. went by Bossman Junior. He then decided Melvin was more appropriate and distinguished (jk I don’t really know why he decided to switch it up) but now he’s back to BJ. Oh and is brother also plays and is Justin. So, when you see Justin out there … different guy. But yeah, MelvinB.J. hasn’t played in the majors since 2016, so this might not totally matter. But the more you know.

Man of his word

When you make big promises, you gotta deliver. A big Syracuse fan/New York businessman, Adam Weitsman, posted on Facebook that he would donate $150,000 to an area Boys & Girls Club if Syracuse upset Duke. Welp, the Orange delivered, and so will this guy. He is following through with his pledge. He said the idea came to him when he was on his way to the game when he read about a Syracuse recruit who learned to play basketball at the Rochester chapter of the Boys & Girls club. Weitsman’s grandfather was also a founding member of a Boys & Girls Club in New York. So bing, bang, boom there you go. For the record the Boys & Girls Club is the absolute best, and we love that this guy is following through. Go Boys & Girls Club, Go Adam Weitsman.

* Keep your eye on the ball *

Up the ante

New York governor Andrew Cuomo is ready to place some bets, and he would really like to do that in the state of New York. There are four casinos in upstate New York, and the governor called for sports gambling to be authorized there. He submitted a budget that included a plan to alleviate a $3.1 billion fiscal gap with the help of sports betting. There are only seven other states that allow sports betting, and it seems like NY might be pretty close to joining them.

* Overtime *