TDR: I don’t want no doinks

* Off the bench *

* Leading off *

College Football recap

  • No. 9 Florida beats Kentucky: Ok so last year Kentucky finally beat Florida for, like, the first time in three decades. It was bound to happen, whatever, so yesterday. This year, however, it looked like they were going to repeat taking down the Gators. The Wildcats were in front of a rowdy home crowd, and their chances looked super good when Florida’s QB Felipe Franks went down with a gross leg injury that ended his season. Not good, Bob. But enter backup QB Kyle Trask: the palest man in all of Florida. He got his stuff together with a quickness and led the Gators to a 29-21 victory. It’s really sad Felipe suffered that kind of injury after the up and down career he’s had at Florida, and we hope he has a quick recovery. Also sad we almost lost to Kentucky two years in a row.
  • No. 25 UVA over FSU: So UVa was ranked heading into this home matchup against the Seminoles. FSU is sooo bad this season, so the Hoos were favored. They actually sold out their football stadium which was exciting because they are *checks notes* not a football school. That could all change this season, as Virginia got the statement victory 31-24 in what turned out to be a pretty stressful game. Their coach Bronco Mendenhall (don’t even need to comment on how good his name is) had a very uncharacteristic outburst on the sidelines that resulted in a hefty penalty near the end of the game when the stakes were high. So he was the definition of happy and sad at the same time after the game. So happy to beat FSU and have a 3-0 start to the season, so disappointed in himself for losing his cool. The students rushed the field (lol) and there is a lot of debate between some folks saying that was the lamest possible move and UVa fans saying this win meant so much to this program. Our official thoughts are … it was SUPER lame. 
  • No. 5 Oklamhoma beats UCLA: Former Alabama QB Jalen Hurts is now current Oklahoma QB Jalen Hurts, and he is looking real comfy as a Sooner. He led the team with great ease past UCLA, who is not off to a good start. Second season in a row they’ve started 0-3. It is getting TOASTY for head coach Chip Kelly. But yeah, Jalen is looking so strong this season, and it’s crazy to think he was on the bench for Alabama. Good for him for switching schools and finding a program he can lead, bc buddy he is doing a real nice job. And that will do it for our college football recaps. There were no top 25 matchups, but we still had some exciting moments. On to Week 4.

NFL Recap

  • Broncos vs. Bears: Annnnnd another big Go Gators because former Florida kicker Eddy Piniero hit a 53-yard field goal to get his Bears the win over Denver at Mile High Stadium. The Chicago Bears and their fans have massive PTSD when it comes to must-make field goals after the disaster that was the double-doink last season. The demons have been exercised and Bears fans can rest easy again. It was a super messy end to the game with the clock running out with the Broncos winning, but then one second was put back on the clock giving Chicago the opportunity to steal the win. And that they did. 16-14. It wasn’t pretty, but it was exciting. Also, it was Eddy’s birthday. S’cute. 
  • Falcons top Eagles: Here’s what happened: everyone got hurt. The Falcons beat the Eagles 24-20 after Philly lost DeSean Jackson to a groin injury and QB Carson Wentz even spent some time in the blue concussion tent. He came back in the game and led some big plays to give Philly the lead, but with two minutes left on the clock and only a fourth down to work with, the Falcons scored one final touchdown to secure the win. I’ll tell ya what, that Julio Jones is a fast boi. So it was def a thriller at the end there with both teams showing they are ones to watch this season.
  • Jaguars lose to Texans: annnnnnd now the Jags are 0-2 to start the season. Mmmmmmbummer. So this AFC South matchup had a lot of buzz around it, because the Jags’ new, very expensive, starting QB Nick Foles broke his collarbone during week 1. Backup with the good facial hair Gardner Minchew stepped in and had a really good showing, so everyone was interested to watch him start yesterday. He handled it pretty well, even orchestrating a solid touchdown drive right at the end to make the score 13-12 with the Texans leading by one. What did the Jags do? Go for two. Go for the win. What happened? They did not get two. They did not get the win. It seems there are def some issues happening internally with the Jags, because head coach Doug Marrone and star defensive player Jalen Ramsey legit almost fought on the sidelines. Yayyyy. Go Jags ….