TDR: It’s Football Friday, Ralliers

* Off the bench *

New podcast alert! This week, you get the Hawkins sisters answering questions submitted by Ralliers! As you can imagine, things devolve into giggles pretty quickly. Listen, subscribe, rate and review! We love you. Thank you for listening to our nonsense.

* Leading off *

Third down: College Football Preview

  • No. 12 Syracuse vs. No. 3 Notre Dame – Congrats to us we only have two good college football games this week. Blah. But hey, thanks for keeping it interesting Syracuse and Notre Dame – Syracuse has been lurking and sneaky good this year, so there is a chance they could take down the Fighting Irish. The game is taking place in Yankee Stadium, which is kind of a little too cute when you have such high stakes in a game like this. Syracuse coach Dino Barbe isn’t worried. He literally said, “I grew up playing in the streets in between parked cars.” Cool, Dino. That is completely irrelevant to the fact Notre Dame’s entire season is on the line here, but glad you made it work back in junior high.
  • No. 11 UCF vs. No. 24 Cincinnati – Additional congrats to UCF for hosting College Gameday this week. UCF has won 22 straight games, and this is their biggest test of the season. Cincinnati is coming in hot, and I for one hope they beat the Knights, so we can stop hearing about how UCF is under-appreciated and deserved to be in the National Championship last year. I’m sorry that’s mean, but I’m ready for that storyline to be canceled. I’m a hater.

Move the Chains: NFL Preview

  • Rams vs. Chiefs – Welp, this game should make up for the very underwhelming slate of college football this weekend. I know this one is on Monday Night Football, but it’s too good not to talk about now. The (arguably) two best teams in the league meet up in LA this weekend. They were supposed to play in Mexico City, but the field was such a mess players were like lol nope, so the league moved it back to Cali. Expect all the offense from young gun Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes. The Rams lost receiver Cooper Kupp, but it shouldn’t be an issue. Already ready for it to be Monday, jk no I’m not.
  • Saints vs. Eagles – So New Orleans is on a serious roll and coming for the Chiefs and the Rams. The Eagles are having a lackluster season after winning the Super Bowl, and Saints star running back Alvin Kamara is not scared of them at all. In fact, he isn’t scared of anyone. He said, “I don’t care if we’re playing against the Monstars.” AK made a Space Jam reference. The Eagles are def not the Monstars this year, so the Toon Squad, I mean, the Saints should be fine this weekend.
  • Bears vs. Vikings – This is a v important divisional matchup. The Bears lead the NFC North, but if the Vikings win on Sunday, the lead will go to them. I’m personally HIGH KEY upset at this matchup, because this week’s Steelers vs. Jags game was supposed to be the Sunday Night Football game. They bumped us out and put these guys in its place, and I’m VERY DISPLEASED. Is this a better game? Without question. Did I want to spend all Sunday building up to watching my Jags limp around the field at 8:20 p.m.? Without question.

* Overtime *

When you turn around and see you girlfriend’s family has arrived at the tailgate.