TDR: It’s game day baby

* Off the bench *

* Leading off *

College Football Preview

  • No. 11 Wisconsin vs. No. 13 Michigan – So the people are all talking about Georgia vs. Notre Dame, but don’t sleep on this game. It’s going to tell us a lot about a lot with these two teams. Are they the real deal? Did Wisconsin just play really bad teams to start their season and they aren’t really that good? Is it acceptable to only eat cheese and drink beer while watching this game? So Wisconsin shut out both teams Week 1 and 2. No one has scored against them this season. Army also was thiiiis close to bringing down Michigan a couple weeks ago, so the Wolverines have been tested. This should be a solid, classic, getting kind of chilly football game. Good stuff.
  • No. 8 Auburn vs. No. 17 Texas A&M  – Big SEC matcup that could potentially have implications down the line. So far Auburn is undefeated and Texas A&M’s only loss is to Clemson, but like, everyone is probably going to lose to Clemson. Don’t be fooled by the rankings … Texas A&M is favored. Auburn’s running game is pretty dang strong though, so stay tuned to see who gets the win. That team will definitely want Bama.
  • No. 3 Georgia vs. No. 7 Notre Dame – The game of the week. This is it. So a couple years back Georgia and Notre Dame played in South Bend and the Bulldogs were victorious and suddenly became a big deal in college football once again. They meet again this weekend, but let us remind you about how ND finished their season. Last year, they made it to the college football playoff and were absolutely trounced by Clemson. Me thinks they won’t stack up to  on a very national stage this weekend.

NFL Preview

  • Ravens vs. Chiefs – The Chiefs are undefeated and they haven’t even played a game at home yet. This week, they will host the similarly undefeated (Ok, both teams are only 2-0, but work with us) Ravens in Arrowhead in what should be a competitive game between two of the game’s best mobile quarterbacks. Last year, Patrick Mahomes came out of nowhere to dominate the league. This year, it is Lamar Jackson who is playing out of his mind so far. Look for this game to be a high scoring affair, but I think the edge still has to go to the Chiefs at home. 
  • Saints vs. Seahawks – This is another game between two title contenders, as the Seahawks play host to the Saints. The Saints suffered a big loss last week, as QB Drew Brees injured a ligament in his right thumb, and will be out for almost two months. The Seahawks are 2-0 on the season, but have won those two games against the Bengals and Steelers by a combined three points. Will they be able to keep skating by, or will the Saints find a way to ride RB Alvin Kamara to victory on the road?
  • Rams vs. Browns – It’s the Hollywood Rams (Idk if anyone calls them that, but I LOVE it) vs. the trendy-pick-to-win-the-Superbowl Browns. The Browns got in the win column on Monday Night Football this week against the Jets, and will try to slow down one of the NFC favorites at home on Sunday Night Football. Wow, so I guess it’s the Hollywood Rams vs. the Primetime Browns. ALL the national TV spots for the Brownies. It’s a good thing too, because you know I gotta see what watch Odell Beckham Jr. wears this week.