TDR: I’ve got the eye of the Tiger

* Off the bench *

* Leading off *

College Football National Championship

It all came down to No. 1 Alabama and No. 2 Clemson, and wow. Alabama got smoked. I mean, just dominated in a way we have not seen Alabama get dominated in years. That Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence, I tell you what, he is no joke. The Tigers scores 30 unanswered points to win 44-16 and end their season 15-0. That’s the first team since Penn State in 1897 to do do that. I’d like to see Alabama try and take those guys down. The game started as an absolute shoot-out and looked like it would be back and forth until the finish. Then Clemson started to pull away, Bama attempted a fake field goal that did not work and the Tigers took it from there. So Clemson killed both undefeated Notre Dame and Alabama to become National Champs and lawd do they deserve it.

* Halftime *

Come at me bro

Nothing, and I mean nothing, is more satisfying when you see security footage of some jerk guy attempting to take advantage of a woman in any way and getting the snot kicked out of him. He’s suddenly in a headlock on the ground and it’s amazing. We will do you one better. A guy tried to mug a 26-year-old Brazilian woman waiting for an Uber in Rio De Janeiro. What he didn’t realize was that woman was UFC fighter Polyana Viana. He approached her with a piece of cardboard shaped like a gun and told her to hand over her phone. So she handed over two punches and a kick BAM BAM. Then she put him in a chokehold and said, “Now we’ll wait for the police.” WHAT A LINE. I’m sorry, Polyana, are you the next Bruce Willis? Get this girl in some action movies stat.

* Play under review *

Apology from a Rose

Timberwolves guard Derrick Rose issued an apology for using the phrase “kill yourself” twice when answering questions about coach Tom Thibodeau firing on Sunday. Basically, he told all the haters and losers who doubt whether or not Rose can continue to play confidently without Thibodeau to kill themselves. Thibodeau coached Rose in both Chicago and Minneapolis, so the pair had a great relationship. He tweeted an apology saying he was using it as a slang term and, in fact, does not want anyone to kill themselves.

* After further review *

Block not miss

Cody Parkey had a rough night on Sunday. He missed the field goal that would have given the Bears the victory over the Eagles in their wild card matchup, and the entire city of Chicago seemingly rained hate on him that night. Well yesterday, things may have gotten a little easier for him, as the NFL officially changed that miss into a block. Shortly after the game ended, video emerged that Eagles’ defensive tackle Treyvon Hester got his hand on the fateful kick, altering it enough to have it become the infamous “double doink.” The ruling from the NFL obviously won’t remove the sting of the loss, but at least for Cody’s sake maybe it’ll make him sleep a little better at night? Here’s to hoping.

* Overtime *