TDR: Just football

* Off the bench *

american-footballScreen Shot 2017-08-22 at 6.14.35 AMYou’re doing it wrong.

* Leading off *

Move the chains


Take care of dem ankles, OBJ! Star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. left the Giants vs. Browns game in the second quarter after he got hit pretty hard. Cut to him curled up on the floor of the locker room in pain. Yikes. All good though – he was relieved that it is just an ankle sprain and jogged off the field after the game. It was a pretty massive hit, but it was legal and OBJ referred to it as “Just football.”



So the Cleveland Indians are v good and the Red Sox are v good. Both teams are leading their respective divisions and met up last night. Things were looking not so great for Indians pitcher Andrew Miller who left the game with a knee injury, and they lost Carlos Santana (no, not “Smooth” Carlos Santana) to a back injury in the eighth. However, the tables turned when Roberto Perez hit a sacrifice bunt in the bottom of the ninth. What should have been a sure out was fumbled by the Sox first baseman who then threw it wide to third base. Nice going, guy. The Indians were able to score and get the win.

* Halftime *

Path of totality


Hey, did you know a solar eclipse happened yesterday? K, just checking. The country lost its collective mind over the moon passing in front of the sun, and the sports world was not exempt from that. Am I mad I didn’t get the little glasses? Yes. Am I mad I don’t have an Instagram of myself wearing them looking at the sun? YES. But there were plenty of athletes who picked up the slack when it came to posting about eclipse viewing. Most notably, OBJ (as seen above) ignored all cautionary tales of looking into the sun, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll looked like he was having the most fun, and Kate Upton and Justin Verlander had way cooler glasses than the rest of us.

Hey, Google


Wait, this is so sweet. The Little League World Series is in full swing with players around the world coming together on the field. Already a great premise we have going right there. The world’s youngsters getting together to play baseball. Great. But then a picture was captured of a player from South Dakota and one from the Dominican Republic sitting in the shade in between games using Google Translate to communicate. **Insert 90 sobbing emojis here** That’s amazing! Were they probably teaching each other dirty words in their respective languages and talking about gross boy stuff? Probably! But that’s still just the best.

* Keep your eye on the ball *

Quarterback options


We are in the heart of preseason football. Always a weird time, but we are learning more about who will be getting the starting jobs at QB for certain teams. It was announced yesterday Trevor Siemian will be leading the Broncos for a second straight season, and the Jets will announce their decision next Monday. Only 16 days left until the season officially starts. Football is coming.

* Play under review *

Azarenka out


Victoria Azarenka withdrew from from the 2017 U.S. Open because of her ongoing custody battle with her son’s dad. She revealed on Twitter that the only way she could play would require her to leave her son behind which she is not prepared to do. She is separated from Billy McKeague who filed for custody of their son. Now she has to hang out and iron out the legal details which will probably take a hot minute. Not the most fun anyone’s ever had.

* Overtime *

baseballScreen Shot 2017-08-22 at 6.22.15 AM

Rally pigeon.