TDR: Let’s talk about the Super Bowl Halftime Show

* Off the Bench *

* Super Bowl Recap *

What you need to know

Soooo, that was incredibly boring. The Rams and the Patriots clashed in Atlanta last night giving us three quarters of football without a touchdown. No one scored in the first quarter (which was actually a good thing for me because my ham and cheese sliders were taking longer than expected to prepare) and by the end of the third, each team only had a field goal to their name. This is the electricity we are all looking for in the final game of the year. In the fourth, the Pats ended up scoring a touchdown and an additional field goal, for a little insurance, to win 13-3.

It’s good to be a Patriot

That brings us to a grand total of six Super Bowl wins for the Pats, aka, they tied the Steelers for most Super Bowl wins in franchise history. Tom Brady, at the ripe old age of 41,  is the oldest quarterback to win a Super Bowl, and he doesn’t’t show any signs of slowing down. Sidenote: I would’ve appreciated more shots of Giselle in the box when things weren’t going well for either team. They only showed her jumping up and down once they scored a touchdown, which is fine, but I prefer angry Giselle.  Meanwhile, wide receiver Julian Edelman won MVP, which is kinda funny considering he started off the season with a four-game suspension due to PEDs. He was definitely the go-to guy last night with 10 catches. In Gronk news, he made the catch that sealed the game, and said he will decide in the next couple weeks if he will retire or keep playing. This team truly is blessed.

Halftime Show

Alright, let’s get down to business. Let’s talk Halftime Show. Maroon 5 just wasn’t great, and I like Maroon 5! 100% wanted them to be great. It just didn’t flow, and Adam Levine kept taking off more and more clothing, and it was cringey. Many ladies disagree with that opinion and were quite pleased with Adam Levine, but the consensus over here is he is significantly “less hot” than he once was. Shirts and leather vests and such should’ve stayed on his body. The best part of the whole thing was the Spongebob Bubble Bowl reference that introduced Travis Scott. You couldn’t really hear much of what Ole Travis had to say, because they bleeped out the majority of his performance of “Sicko Mode”. Then there were some lanterns floating in the sky spelling out the word “love” which was like, wow … so moving. JK you couldn’t really read what they said. Another high note came shortly after when Big Boi of Outkast rode in on a Cadillac. He was backed up by a bunch of horns while performing “I like the way you move”. We could have used more of that. Next thing you know, Adam Levine’s back on stage with his nipples out and everyone is triggered. Then it was over. End scene. And that’s pretty much how the Super Bowl Halftime Show went down!

* Overtime *