TDR: Lightening doesn’t strike

* Off the bench *

* Leading off *


We had a couple of series sweeps go down in the Stanley Cup Playoffs last night. The Islanders put Pittsburgh away and the Lightning were swept by the Blue Jackets. Tampa is out here making very bad history. They had one of the best regular seasons in NHL history, and then they got completely swept in the first round of the playoffs. Yikes. Their twitter account tweeted the legit saddest statement to fans. It sounds like they were telling fans they were completely disbanding the team and tearing down the stadium. So that’s a rough way to end the season for Tampa. But on a positive note for the Islanders, that was the first time they have swept a playoff series since 1983. So we have our first two teams moving on, while the others are battling it out for a chance to nab the Stanley Cup.

* Halftime *

Wing it

J.J. Watt was in for a big surprise when he realized he actually needed to prepare for his commencement speech at Wisconsin. So, he is speaking on May 11 at his alma mater’s graduation, and apparently his plan was just to get up there and start talking and wing it. Wisconsin reached out to him asking for a copy of his speech, and he was like, wait what? Wisconsin was like, yeahhh we aren’t just going to let you get up there and start talking without having an idea of what you’re going to say. So as good as that probably would’ve been to see J.J. Watt up there winging it, the class of 2019 will likely get a more sanitized version of whatever lessons he was going to bestow on their minds. He said he has to whip something up here in the next month, but that’s a lot of confidence to think you can just pop up in front of that many people, start talking and have no fear of completely screwing it up. Good for you, J.J.

* Keep your eye on the ball *

Pencil it in

The NFL is announcing its full schedule tonight for the 2019 season, but they gave us a little teaser to get it going. Usually the Super Bowl champ kicks off the season with a game on Thursday night, but this year the Pats will play on Sunday Night Football against the Steelers. The Packers and Bears will play on TNF instead. The schedule will be announced tonight at 8 p.m. on NFL Network. So stay tuned to see if those season tickets you’re contemplating are going to be worth it.

* Overtime *