TDR: Nuggets of wisdom

* Off the bench *

* Leading off *


  • You guys are never going to believe this. There was drama with refs in the NBA Playoffs last night. Portland and Denver kicked off their series last night, and the Nuggets won 121-113. Star Damien Lillard admitted that his Trail Blazers may have been a *little* distracted. Lillard has been such a star during the playoffs so far (he hit an incredible buzzer beater to clench the series over Oklahoma City last week) and said that he really challenged his team to not jaw with the refs. Last night, the team got away from that game plan, and Lillard thinks they maybe could’ve probably stayed in their own lane more and not worried about the refs. Why do I hear an army of middle-aged soccer dads telling their kids to focus on themselves and the controllables and not the refs right now? Besides that, the star of last night’s game was def Denver’s Nikola Jokic with 37 points. These two meet again tomorrow night, and tonight we have Game 2 between the Celtics and the Bucs, and Golden State and Houston.
  • Philly tied up its series with Toronto 1-1 with a 94-89 Game 2 victory, last night. The 76ers rose to the occasion despite Joel Embiid feeling literally poopy (he has a stomach bug) thanks to Jimmy Butler and the bench showing up big time. Jimmy had 30 points, played great defense and his coach decided he deserves the respect of being referred to as James after that performance. “That was James Butler,” head coach Brett Brown said. “That was the adult in the room.” If I was “James” I would be like omg coach said I’m an adult. So call him Butler. James Butler.


Officiating drama in the Stanley Cup Playoffs too?! Remarkable. Last night the Dallas Stars and St. Louis Blues met up for Game 3 with the series tied up 1-1. The Blues won 4-3 bc Patrick Maroon scored the game winner with 1:38 left after maybe getting away with an interference call. Others say that the Stars also committed a penalty at the same time, so maybe they offset? Who knows! What we do know is Dallas is a v resilient team, so there will be a lot more ~drama~ in this series before it’s over.

* Halftime *

Don't leave Flavortown

Guy Fieri (noted chef and wearer of sunglasses on the back of his neck) likes to claim he had something to do with Kevin Durant coming to Golden State. He said he spoke with Kevin’s agent before he left Oklahoma City, and now Guy and all other Golden State fans have to deal with the possibility of KD leaving. So Guy put an offer on the table. He will cook KD an “inspiration dinner” to get him to stay. Yes, Guy! Give him an offer he can’t refuse!! Also I’m loling because I just googled locations of all Guy’s restaurants … of course there are ones on Carnival Cruise Ships.

* Overtime *