TDR: Ok now ladies

* Off the bench *

* Leading off *


Look at this tall beautiful man and his gorgeous, gorgeous mother. UCF’s 7’6” forward Tacko Fall is from Senegal and had not seen his mother and brother in seven years. He moved to the States to play basketball when he was 16 to live with a host family, so it had been a minute since he had been with his fam. They made the trip to walk with him for Senior Night at UCF last night, and the whole thing was capped off with an upset victory over No. 20 Cincinnati. Cue Tacko picking up his brother in celebration. Good vibes this Friday, Ralliers! Good Vibes!

* Halftime *

Let's hear it for the girls

Listen, I understand this is a great PR move for Steph Curry and his shoes, and I know it’s International Women’s Day, and I might be playing into their very corporate attempt at good publicity. WITH THAT BEING SAID, I love this story. So a nine-year-old girl named Riley (of course her name is Riley) wrote a letter to Steph after he released his new shoe the Curry 6 asking why they didn’t make them for girls. Steph got right on it and made sure they were available for girls ASAP and gifted a pair to her for Christmas Day. But Riley isn’t done yet. She helped Steph design a shoe for release today called the Curry 6 United We Win. Riley out here inspiring us to use our voices and just ask why. Shouts to Steph and Under Armour for going above and beyond. This is all very good.

* Keep your eye on the ball *

Buffalo Brown?

Welp, false alarm. Late last night it was reported Antonio Brown was close to closing a deal with the Buffalo Bills. The NFL even posted an Instagram about the deal, but AB commented “fake news” on it. That Instagram is now deleted lol. The Bills made an announcement that they mutually decided to not move forward, it’s not him it’s them, there is a better fit out there for Antonio and it’s always darkest before the dawn. AKA they will not be working together. And so we continue to wait and see where Antonio Brown will land. Stay tuned.

* Play under review *

Through the wire

We have an update from the whole FBI investigation into the college basketball corruption scandal. Next up: LSU! A big ole whoopsie from those guys was released. Head Coach Will Wade was recorded telling business manager Christian Dawkins that he had a “strong-ass offer” for a recruit. He said the offer would have taken care of his mom and kid, and he didn’t understand why the player wasn’t taking the offer. Oh that’s bad, Will. That’s very bad. Maybe LSU’s win over Florida this week should be taken away as punishment …

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