TDR: Play Gloria

* Off the bench *

* Leading off *


And we officially know who is going head-to-head in the Stanley Cup Finals. We did it. We made it. Congratulations to the St. Louis Blues for putting the Sharks away with utter ease winning 5-1 last night. It has been quite the journey for the Blues who were not so good just five short months ago. St. Louis has never won a Stanley Cup, and it’s their first time back to the Finals since 1970. Truly crazy that they were in last place in the NHL back in January. What a plot twist. So now we are all going to hear the song Gloria a lot in the coming weeks. The Blues and the Bruins kick things off for Game 1 next Monday. Hooray!


Oh, I’m sorry? Did you think the Bucks were going to run away with the series after going up 2-0? Because I certainly did and I was incorrect. The Raptors tied things up winning Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals last night 120-102. It was a super pretty performance from Toronto, as they really chopped up the Bucks defense and kept Giannis Antetokounmpo from making noise. Milwaukee tried to make a little comeback in the second half, but it would prove to be a futile effort. Obviously, Drake was being the absolute worst trying to make it all about him on the sidelines. So on to Game 5! Let’s see who takes the series lead tomorrow.

* Halftime *

Will pass rush for hot wings

Gahh I want to be like omg this is so awesome, look at this guy’s perseverance!! But this whole thing just makes my face do the cringey smiling emoji. Former Missouri defensive end Jordan Harold stood outside the Carolina Panthers stadium with a sign that said “will pass rush for hot wings” which is funny. The poster also acted as a resume outlining his path from walk-on, to starter, to captain during his time at Mizzou. This strategy apparently worked for him in college. He stood outside Mizzou’s stadium asking for a chance, and that ended up paying off. He said, “It takes a lot of humility to do something like this.” Uh, ya you bet it does. The Panthers did confirm that his information was being passed along to the scouting department. TBD if he will regret saying he would accept payment via hot wings.

The North revolts

Unless you live under a rock, which is totally fine if you do we still appreciate you reading TDR, then you know the universe lost its mind over the series finale of Game of Thrones. Aaron Rodgers got to live out everyone’s dream of being a GOT extra for the penultimate episode, and then he delivered all his takes on the finale. He wasn’t pleased. His thoughts def mirror those of most people on Twitter, but he is still pretty harsh. Guy gets one quick cameo in the show and he thinks he should be running it. Smh.

* Overtime *