TDR: Put up your Dukes

* Off the bench *

* Leading off *


Duke went down! The No. 1 team in the country lost to an unranked Syracuse squad last night 91-95. Freshman star Zion Williamson put up 35 points, and that performance still wasn’t enough for the Blue Devils to get the job done. The major blow to Duke happened when Freshman star point guard Tre Jones left the court with a bad shoulder injury last night. He suffered a joint separation and is out indefinitely. Poor kid looked like he was in excruciating pain when he went down last night, so definitely hope he recovers quickly.

* Halftime *

Welcome to Good Burger

The Clemson football team visited the White House yesterday to celebrate winning the National Championship. Because the government is partially shutdown, a lot of the White House staff is absent, so they went the nontraditional route when it came to the food. The President ordered a tonnnn of fast food for the guys. We’re talking burgers, we’re talking pizza, we’re talking fries. The President said, “We have some very large people that like eating.” Truth.

* Keep Your Eye on the Ball *

I do declare

So Heisman winning quarterback Kyler Murray has a very good problem on his hands. He has a contract to play baseball with the Oakland A’s, but after winning the Heisman, thinks he will be a very solid draft pick for some lucky NFL team. So, Murray submitted his name into the NFL Draft. Better get a very solid pitch together if ya want your boy, Oakland. Basically, this puts the pressure on the A’s to offer him a lot more money to keep him on the baseball path vs. the NFL path. He has 72 hours to pull his name out of the draft, and a team would have rights to him for a year if he is drafted and does’nt sign. Spring training starts Feb. 15 and the combine is Feb. 26, so expect some developments on this one in the next month.

* Play under review *

Making a scene

Kings player Iman Shumpert tried to enter the Portland Trail Blazers locker room area last night after he got a tad riled up. He was angry Jusuf Nurkic made an aggressive play against him, so he was looking for a little confrontation. Security stopped him even though he just “wanted to have a conversation”, and Nurkic said he wasn’t worried about it. Shumpert apologized later on Twitter for his temper. So basically nothing happened here … but something could’ve happened!

* Overtime *