TDR: Security breach

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Kentucky Derby

I must say Saturday’s derby was kind of a massive buzzkill. So, Maximum Security sailed across the finish line and we had our Kentucky Derby champion. Immediately after, a couple jockeys said MS had interfered with them during the race, so a 22-minute review happened. It was so bizarre. Very buzzed girls in very fancy hats and guys in seersucker were befuddled and looking around going “HUH? Wait what’s happening??” The stewards decided to disqualify Maximum Security, meaning long shot Country House (his odds were 65-1) became the new winner. What a roller coaster. Apparently, as the horses were making the final turn MS “drifted out and affected the progress” of a couple horses. I just … I hate this outcome? Maximum Security’s jockey says that his horse may have been a bit spooked by the noise of the crowd, but it wasn’t a big deal and he got it under control immediately. Other jockeys said the horse forced them to stop abruptly. MS’ owner is going to appeal the decision and possibly pursue legal action over the whole ordeal. Looooove when things are decided this way!


Let’s check in with what happened in the NBA Playoffs this weekend

  • Warriors vs. Rockets: The Rockets really needed to get themselves back into it for Game 3 after the Warriors went up 2-0 in the series last week. Saturday night’s game went into overtime with James Harden scoring 41 points. The big guy had a huge game after he basically was blinded when he got poked in the eye in Game 2. He helped his team get the 126-121 OT win. Kevin Durant did his best to get his Warriors the win with 46 points of his own, but Houston prevailed. They play again tonight for Game 4 at Houston.
  • Celtics vs. Bucks: The Bucks lead the series 2-1 after winning Game 3 Friday night. Giannis Anteokounmpo had a huge game and there wasn’t much the Celtics could do about it. Milwaukee won 123-116 with the majority of the Greek Freak’s points coming from the free throw line. All those fouls really slowed Boston’s roll and they weren’t able to get into it offensively in the second half. These two meet up again for Game 4 tonight.
  • Raptors vs. 76ers: We are all tied up in this series. Kawhi Leonard led the raptors to a 101-96 victory last night while 76ers big man Joel Embiid fought through illness to no avail. He felt super bad about it. Apparently on Sunday he texted his coach saying he probably couldn’t play, but he went ahead and fought through it, which just made him feel worse. That’s such a terrible feeling. So now the series is tied up 2-2 and Game 5 is tomorrow.
  • Trailblazers vs. Nuggets: annnd finally we have another series all tied up 2-2 after the Nuggets beat the Trailblazers last night. Friday night’s game went into four overtimes with Portland taking Game 3. Denver bounced back showing that couldn’t get them down. Nikola Jokic had a triple-double to lead the team to victory. Game 5 is tomorrow to see who will take the series lead.


Wooo we have a Game 7 situation in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Last night, The St. Louis Blues beat the Dallas Stars 4-1 in Game 6. This series has been lots of fun, and you could never count either team out. They are crushing it on the road and now the two will meet tomorrow night for the do or die game. Tonight we have a couple more Game 6 situations. Boston leads the Blue Jackets 3-2 and the Sharks lead the Avalanche 3-2 as well. Let’s go.

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