TDR: Sit next to me

* Off the bench *

* Leading off *


  • It was raining threes last night in Syracuse, and boy did that spell trouble for the Orange. The visiting Cavaliers, led by their big three of Kyle Guy, Ty Jerome, and De’Andre Hunter, hit a school record 18 three pointers last night, turning a close game at halftime into an absolute blowout, as they ran away with the victory 79-53. The Hoos finished 18-25 from deep which is an absolutely insane 72%. Good luck beating that. UVa now moves to 27-2 on the season and will wrap things up at home against Louisville this Saturday to try and win another ACC regular season title under Tony Bennett. Not bad.
  • The Lakers are an absolute dumpster fire right now. Just a hot mess. Last week, Lebron James said he was activating his ‘playoff mode’ a little earlier than usual this season, and well- that’s resulted in the Lakers losing five of seven. Last night wasn’t any different, as Lebron and co. lost to the crosstown rival Clippers 113-105, and now it really looks like the Lakers might not make the playoffs. Don’t worry though- Lebron doesn’t plan on taking any days off in the meantime. After the loss last night, Lebron stated he would not sit out any games for the rest of the season unless he was injured. Who knows if that’s a good or a bad things for the Lakers the way things have gone lately, but all we know is that it’s gonna be weird not having Lebron around come playoff time.

* Halftime *

How much is that (hot) doggy in the window?

Congratulations, Atlanta. You guys have a really solid stadium. Mercedes-Benz Stadium (home of the Falcons and Atlanta United) announced it is going cashless. So bring your plastic or get out, ok?? They said this will help with efficiency at concession and merch stands, which obviously everyone is into. The more important announcement, however, is they slashed the prices on hot dogs. You can get a hot dog for $1.50 now. I mean, come on. Amazing stuff. Concession food is notoriously expensive, but you’re telling me I could consume multiple dogs for under $10. Atlanta out here doing God’s work.


To keep it going with the merch news, Bryce Harper’s Phillies jersey set a record by becoming the top online seller for any jersey in the first 48 hours of its launch. He dethroned King James’ Lakers jersey to take the top spot. Kind of funny that behind Philly, the market that bought the most jerseys was Washington D.C. Guess there aren’t hard feelings amongst Nats fans? That’s big of you guys.

* Keep your eye on the ball *

Combine update

So right now there a bunch of very large, athletic men running really fast for short amounts of time, doing obstacle courses and lifting weights while a bunch of middle aged men watch and take notes. AKA the NFL Combine is happening. It’s looking more and more likely that Heisman winner Kyler Murray will go as the No. 1 overall pick, but this could be dramatic. The Arizona Cardinals have the No. 1 pick, and they just picked QB Josh Rosen last year. So if they decide to move on to Kyler, that’s kind of awk for Josh. Other fun combine storylines include D.K. Metcalf being an absolute specimen. The wide receiver out of Ole Miss reportedly has only 1.9% body fat. Technically, every human being needs at least 3% body fat to, you know, live, so this was probably an error. He is still kind of the Hulk though.

* Overtime *