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Third down: College Football Playoff is set

Following this weekend’s conference championships, the committee has made its final decisions. Four teams received their roses, while everyone else had to pack their bags and leave immediately. Let’s take you through the four choices on the most dramatic season of the College Football Playoff ever.

  • Alabama: We need a full-length documentary on how this all went down ASAP. Before we get into what happened this weekend, let us take you back to last year’s National Championship. Bama wasn’t playing great against Georgia, things went into overtime and freshman QB sensation Tua Tagovailoa saved the day after he was sent in to replace starter Jalen Hurts. Tua kept the starting job this year, so OG starter Jalen Hurts had to watch from the sidelines most of the year. Fast forward to Saturday. Bama wasn’t playing super well, it was looking like Georgia was going to get redemption, then Tua got hurt. It was Jalen time – and omg did he deliver. Jalen is literally America’s sweetheart now, because he is the picture of humility, stickwithitness and he got the job done. Alabama beat Georgia 35-28 to keep their No. 1 spot and knock the Bulldogs out of the Playoff. This has become the story of Georgia’s life, but hats off to them for being a helluva team this season.
  • Clemson: Ok, sorry the Alabama one was super long. I promise the other three are way less interesting. So Clemson beat Pitt in the ACC Championship to secure its undefeated season and retain its No. 2 ranking. Like, they won 42 – 10. That’s literally it.
  • Notre Dame:  Notre Dame stayed so far out of the drama it didn’t even play in a conference championship. No really … Notre Dame isn’t in a conference, so they didn’t’t have to deal with all this BS. They went undefeated in the regular season and got to sit back and watch everyone fight to the death this weekend. MUST BE NICE.
  • Oklahoma: So, Oklahoma was No. 5 heading into the Big 12 conference championship where they were rematching Texas for The Red River Rivalry Vol. 2. Texas bested them earlier in the season, so the Sooners knew they needed the win to have a prayer of getting in the Playoff. They got the come-from-behind win, and as noted in my novel about Alabama above, Georgia lost, so they just slid right on in to that No. 4 spot. Now they can look forward to getting crushed by Alabama in the semi-finals.

Move the Chains: NFL recap

  • Packers vs. Cardinals: The Packers reeeeally needed to keep on winning if they wanted to finagle their way in the playoffs. Last week Aaron Rodgers was all like “Oh ya, everything’s fine, we got this, no problemo.” (Imagine him saying that in a super caffeinated, high-strung voice like I intended.) Well, they don’t got this because they lost to the Cardinals who are … bad. The organization was not having it, so they fired head coach Mike MccArthy. Woah. That’s kind of a cold blooded move for a team like the Packers, who won a Super Bowl with Mike. I mean, why drag it out, I guess?
  • Chiefs vs. Raiders: So, the Chiefs beat the Raiders 40 – 33. That’s a little bit closer of a game than one would expect from the 10-2 Chiefs and the 2-10 Raiders. Possibly a reason for that would be that the Chiefs let go star running back Kareem Hunt this weekend. A video surfaced from February of him pushing a woman to the ground and kicking her outside his home. The team cut him as soon as the video was made public. After the game, Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes said, “We don’t do those things.” So now we wait and see if anyone picks Hunt up. We also read all the speculation about if the NFL or the Chiefs knew about the video before it was released.
  • Chargers vs. Steelers: This was one of the most bizarre endings of the year. The Steelers were rolling along, until the Chargers scored 23 unanswered points in the second half. The game was tied up 30 – 30, and the Chargers had the opportunity to win it all with a field goal. The Steelers went for broke and jumped offsides THREE times to try and block the kick to send the game into overtime. Spoiler alert: this didn’t work and the Chargers won. The Steelers do not lose these types of games (they are 174-0-1 when they lead a game by 16 points at any point in the game) so this one is tough to swallow. The Chargers are now 9-3 and feeling fiiine.


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