TDR: Super Bowl Super Preview

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* Super Bowl Preview *

What: Super Bowl LIII (that’s 53 for all my non-roman numeral folks)

When: February 3rd, 6:30 PM

Where: Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta, GA (pray for everyone in traffic)

Who: New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams

How to Watch: CBS and

What you need to know:

The bad boys of the NFL , Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, are making their 9th Super Bowl appearance as the New England Patriots take on the news girls on the block: Sean McVay, Jared Goff, and the Los Angeles Rams. On the road to ATL, the 11-5 Patriots took down the Chargers and Chiefs while the 13-3 Rams took W’s over the Cowboys and Saints (cue the Saints fans cheering WE GOT ROBBED (Which like … they kind of did.) The big story here has been the age differences between the QBs and coaches. Brady is 41 and Goff is 24, while Pats head coach Bill Belichick is 66 and Rams HC Sean McVay is 33. Can the young guns prevail of the experienced vets? Is age really just a number? We will find out on Sunday.

UGA Running Back Battle:

The Patriots are looking to avenge the upset in the big game last year, led by ole Tom, but he isn’t alone. Rookie running back Sony Michel (UGA, ‘14-’18) has been holding down the rushing game this postseason, tallying up five touchdowns in just two games. Todd Gurley (UGA, ‘12-’14) is his Los Angeles counterpart, leading the Ram’s in rushing this season. Though Gurley had a quiet game against the Saints, leading to some speculation of a nagging knee injury, McVay says he “is going to be a big part” of Sunday’s game plan. Now let’s see which player proves to be the valedictorian of “RBU”.

Halftime Show

Say, say, say, hey, hey, now baby. Maroon 5 is your Super Bowl halftime show, and they will be joined by Big Boi (the one with the deeper voice from Outkast) and Travis Scott (v popular with the youths because of song Sicko Mode as well as his shared baby with Kylie Jenner). Idk what to tell you … I love Maroon 5. Always have always will. Had a big ole crush on Adam Levine until I heard him talk a lot more on The Voice, and then that crush faded.

We leave you with this:

It’s gonna be a gas. The Rams are feisty and young with a fan base that could literally care less (sup, LA) while the Patriots are trying to hold on to their glory years as long as possible with a fan base who lives and dies by Tom Brady. They will be so mad if the Rams win! It would be very entertaining for the rest of the country. Our take is that the Pats probably are going to win this one. So grab yourself all the dips and wings and such, and enjoy the finale to the football season. Don’t cry because it’s over … cry because it’s almost baseball season.

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