TDR: Sweet Victory

* Off the bench *

* Leading off *


Uhhhhhh yikes. Major collar pull moment for the Lakers last night. They suffered a 42-point loss to the Pacers, and LeBron is like, “what have I done coming to this place.” It was the worst loss of his career, but on a positive note, he surpassed the 32,000 point mark during the game. So congrats on that? Things started to get away from the Lakers in the second quarter and all hope was lost in the third. Now, more than ever, the Lakers would really like that trade for Anthony Davis from the Pelicans to go through. New Orleans is playing hard-to-get with their all-star, even though the Lakers are offering them three players and two first-round draft picks. We will see how that one pans out. Pray for L.A. It’s been a tough couple sports days for them.

* Halftime *


Let’s keep talking about the Super Bowl halftime show! A moment that was up there was the quick Spongebob reference that happened before Travis Scott took to the stage. A video showed the Bikini Bottom Band, with ole SBob as their front man, play “Sweet Victory” at the Bubble Bowl. This is a big moment in Spongebob history. We got a few seconds of this iconic hit on Sunday, but the Dallas Stars came through with a remake of the whole video, complete with lots of crowd shots like the original. Tell me this isn’t funny! When Spongebob starts singing it gets me every time! Classic comedy, folks. This is it.

* Keep your eye on the ball *

Opt out?

It’s Wednesday after the Super Bowl so buckle up, baby let’s start talking TRADES. So the Eagles have quite a situation on their hands. They have their main man QB Carson Wentz, who they have committed to as their starting QB, but then they have a little ole guy name Nick Foles. He helped them win the Super Bowl last year AND was a huge part of their end of the regular season push to the playoffs. Nick is a stud, and the Eagles are ready to offer him up as their numero uno prized pig. The Eagles said they were going to pick up the option to keep him for 2019, so they could trade him. Nick was like, “ehhh, I’m good” opting out of that option. SO (stay with me here) the Eagles are probably going to hit him with a franchise tag. A franchise tag tells a player he can’t leave the team. It’s a one-year situation, but the Eagles are only doing that so they can trade him away for some good stuff from another team in the near future. TO REVIEW: The Eagles exercised their option to keep him, Nick said no, the Eagles will say yes and then quickly say no in order to trade him. Got it?

* Overtime *