TDR: The Big Parade

* Off the bench *

* Leading off *

Pats Parade

It’s just another Tuesday in Boston, aka, a championship parade is happening. The Patriots are taking to the street in their duck boats (quack quack) to celebrate their Super Bowl victory with the good people of Boston. There’s Gronk drinking an entire bottle of wine with his shirt off, Tom Brady basking in the glory of his sixth Super Bowl victory and the streets are overflowing with fans. It looks like so much fun and the rest of the country is def not bitter or anything. Good for you guys. Good for you.

* Keep your eye on the ball *

Vonn down

Lindsey Vonn took an unfortunate tumble during the super-G at the Skiing World Championships today. This is just terrible luck. She went down hard after she straddled one of the gate flag things in midair and rolled into the safety nets. She was already planning on retiring after completing this event and the downhill at the worlds, so not sure what is in store for Lindsey after her accident. She was able to get up and ski down the hill after being tended to by medical personnel, and she spoke to the media afterwards explaining how the crash happened. She also tweeted “If adversity makes you stronger I think I’m the Hulk at this point …” Ugh, hate to see that.

Hit a Wall

Continuing on with the injuries, Washington Wizard John Wall ruptured his achilles after he slipped and fell at home. He was already out for the season with an injured heel, but this development will sideline him for the next calendar year. That is the saddest thing ever. You are already injured, and then you slip AT HOME and everything gets worse. He will def have to get surgery, but they haven’t announced when that is going down. Tough times for John.

* Plays under review *

More AB drama

Antonio Brown has been in the news soooo much for all his drama with the Steelers, but there’s another development. The police were called concerning a domestic dispute in south Florida back in January. AB wasn’t arrested, and there are still a lot of details that have yet to emerge. Brown is already dealing with legal trouble after the police were called when he was throwing stuff off an apartment balcony in south Florida. Annnnd furthermore, he apparently got into a heated fight at practice this week with Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger.  There’s just a lot to process here.

* Overtime *