TDR: Tied up

* Off the bench *

* Leading off *


Fun times in the Stanley Cup Finals. Going into Game 2 , the Bruins had a 1-0 series lead over the Blues, but St. Louis tied it up with an overtime victory last night. The game was tied up 2-2 going into overtime, and defenseman Carl Gunnarsson scored his first career playoff goal to get the Blues their fist ever win in the Stanley Cup Finals. Way to go, Carl. Helluva way to get it done. Game 3 goes down in St. Louis on Saturday.


Alright, folks. The NBA Finals start tonight. Warriors vs. Raptors. Golden State vs. Toronto. America vs. Canada. So obvi the Warriors have experience here. Steph Curry and co. are comfortable in this situation and know how to get the job done. This is new territory for this Raptors squad. The team will be looking to its fearless leader Kawhi Leonard to do his Kawhi Leonard business and guide them through this series. Toronto has never been to the Finals before, so in this case, the north *doesn’t* remember. Tip off is at 9 p.m. *sets reminder to chug coffee* We will see if superfan/fan girl Drake makes it all about him on the sidelines tonight as everyone expects.

* Halftime *

Like fathers like sons

Welp, pray for anyone who plays the Sierra Canyon High School basketball team next year: Dwyane Wade’s son Zaire and LeBron James’ son Bronny will both be  on the squad. Sierra Canyon is known for churning out talent, but this is too good. Their dads won a championship together with the Heat, and now their offspring will try to do the same thing at a slightly different level. Bronny is a freshman while Zaire will be starting his senior year. We’re all in this together, boys!

* Play under review *

Child struck at MLB game

This is the absolute worst. A child was accidentally hit with a line drive during the Astros-Cubs game last night in Houston. A man with her immediately ran up the stairs with her and she is reportedly in the hospital. The initial report on her condition is said to be positive. Albert Almora Jr. hit the foul ball, and he fell to his knees when he saw what happened. He said as soon as he hit the ball, he looked to the stands and saw the little girl. The poor guy was visibly upset as he was consoled by his teammates. It was an accident, and as a father to two boys, he was still choked up after the game when he spoke with reporters. The MLB made steps in 2018 to avoid situations like this by bumping up how much protective netting MLB parks are required to have. It unfortunately wasn’t enough in this instance. They’ve gotta keep doing better to protect fans, especially young children, coming to games.

* Overtime *