TDR: Wednesday blues

* Off the bench *

* Leading off *


Last night was crazy! So we had a Game 7 situation between the Stars and the Blues last night and it went into double overtime. The Blues prevailed 2-1, and it was a historic win. There have been three series during this Stanley Cup Playoffs to go into a Game 7 overtime which has never happened before. Really giving the fans a thrill, aren’t ya boys? It was a low scoring affair, mostly thanks to Dallas goalie Ben Bishop crushing it and the Stars offense not playing their best. So, congrats to the Blues on moving on to the Western Conference Finals. We have another Game 7 tonight between the Sharks and the Avalanche so the good times keep coming.


We haven’t been covering baseball too much as it is early in the season and teams are still settling in, but Reds pitcher Mike Fiers had a must-talk-about night. He pitched the second no-hitter of his career. It was amazing he was able to pull off such an accomplishment with the weird way the night started. Lights in left field weren’t working, so the game was delayed by 90 minutes. Eventually everyone was like, ehhhh this is fine, we’ll make it work. He almost got pulled out by his coach in the 7th inning, even though he hadn’t allowed a hit. C’mon coach! Don’t ruin it! Luckily, Fiers sailed through the final two innings to get the job done. V cool. Congratulations, Mikey.


Jeeze, we had a couple of routs last night. Neither game in the NBA Playoffs was remotely close with the Raptors killing the 76ers 125-89 and the Nuggets beating the Trailblazers 124-98. Welp, that makes recapping these two games easy. Nikola Jokic really shined for the Nuggets, while Damian Lillard did his best for Portland, but it wasn’t enough. Philly’s loss to Toronto was one of the worst in franchise history. Jimmy Butler said it best when he admitted his team “laid an egg.” Star Joel Embiid is still sick, and he committed a ton of personal fouls. When he checked out of the game during the fourth quarter for good, he was mocked by the crowd. Can’t feel good. Tonight, the Celtics and Bucks meet for Game 5 and the Warriors and Rockets also meet for their own Game 5. The Bucks could put the series away with a win, so stay tuned to see if they pull it off.

* Overtime *