TDR: What can Brown do for you?

* Off the bench *

* Leading off *

College Football Recap

  • LSU vs. Texas: LSU is moving on up, folks. They are now in the No. 4 spot after getting the big 45-38 win over Texas on the road. It was a battle of the QBs with the Tigers’ lead man Joe Burrow having to really keep it together after Texas came back from a 20-7 halftime deficit. He threw for four touchdowns and could not be rattled. To answer the eternal question of: Is Texas back? Let’s say they aren’t gone. They had a slow start to the game but battled back to really put on a show in the second half. They dropped to No. 12 in the AP poll, and they have equal parts things to be proud of and things to work on moving into week 3. 
  • Texas A&M vs. Clemson: Clemson is just so good. They beat the Aggies to win their 17th straight game 24-10. As for the question of: Can anybody stop Clemson? The answer feels like mmmm maybe no. They completely have it together on both sides of the ball. As Texas A&M coach Jimbo Fisher said, “We just didn’t play well enough to win today to do what we needed to do.” Tough, but fair, Jimbo. Tough but fair.
  • Army vs. Michigan: We are actually so mad that Army didn’t win, because we called them upsetting Michigan, and we would have looked so smart if that actually happened. Army gave Michigan a serious run for their money on Saturday, and things went into double overtime. It ended with Michigan forcing a fumble to win (dumb), but they looked quite shooketh throughout the rest of the game. Army almost pulled this one off, and we are very sad it didn’t happen. Michigan dropped to No. 10 in the poll, and they have some work to do at practice this week.

NFL Recap

  • Steelers vs. Patriots: The evil empire is alive and stronger than ever it appears. Tom Brady and the Pats put on an absolute clinic during Sunday Night Football, crushing the Steelers to the tune of 33-3. The Pats basically erased all doubts on how they were going to replace TE Rob Gronkowski after he retired this offseason, while the Steelers only encouraged doubters about how they would move the ball without departed divas Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown (more on him below).
  • Jags vs. Chiefs: NOT a pretty start for our beloved Jaguars. As if the 40-26 home loss to the Chiefs wasn’t enough, Nick Foles broke his left collarbone in the first quarter. The injury will sideline him for the foreseeable future, so let’s hope backup Gardner Minshew continues to show signs of hope. On the other side of the field, Patrick Mahomes and Sammy Watkins looked just as good as advertised, moving the ball at will. The Chiefs had an injury of their own though, as star WR Tyreek Hill ALSO broke his collarbone during the first half (shoutout to clavicles, not a good showing from them yesterday). It’s never good to see major injuries in the first week, but we’ll see how each team responds in week two.
  • Antonio Brown: In maybe one of the most bizarre sports-news-sagas of all time, it appears the Antonio Brown dust has officially settled… in Foxborough. Yes, you read that correctly. Antonio Brown is a Patriot. After being released by the Raiders early Saturday morning, Brown and his agent wasted little time in finding a new job, as he signed with the Patriots later that day, with a one-year contract worth up to $15 million. After the signing, more details began to trickle out, including the fact that Antonio had hired a social media consultant to figure out a way to get released quicker (hence all of his postings about his fines, his weird hype video, etc.). He also posted a video which showed him celebrating the “moment he found out he was released.” To summarize, Antonio Brown is a jerk, the Patriots are even better now, and ok what the heck- let’s fire up the rumor mill: Bill Belicheck definitely orchestrated all of this starting last year and it was all an elaborate plan to get the best WR in the game to the Pats. Only way to explain it all.

* Overtime *