TDR: When One Gate Closes…

* Off the Bench *

“It’s Hump Day, Y’all.”

* Leading Off *

Spy Another Day

The NFL season starts in a little over 24 hours, so the hot topic around the league obviously has to be a scandal from 2007. Spygate’s back – like that weird guy you only went on one date with who can’t take a hint.

Quick recap since 2007 was a minute ago:

Spygate was the scandal where the New England Patriots were accused of filming their opponents’ sidelines to steal plays. Yesterday, ESPN the Magazine and “Outside the Lines” found that the NFL might have covered up a few eensy things here and there. The Patriots are denying the allegations vehemently. Oh, offseason. S’glad you’re almost over.

Always Bring The Racquet Like…

…Venus and Serena faced off in the quarterfinals of the U.S. Open last night, and lil sis Serena picked up the win to keep the Serena Slam alive. However, Venus did not go down without a fight, and TDR’s co-founders shed a **sister tear** watching the two hug it out after the match.

Three Strikes: Highlights from the MLB

  1. Matt “I’m only allowed to pitch like 7 more innings before my doctor tells me to stop” Harvey started for the Mets tonight in D.C., and it could’ve gone better. He gave up seven runs – tying his career high – but the Mets came back to beat the Nationals 8-7. They are now six games up on the Nationals in the NL East.
  2. The Toronto Blue Jays also had a division lead to protect tonight – and they did it, beating the Red Sox 5-1 in extra innings. The team on their tail, the Yankees, lost in Baltimore, too, so the Blue Jays are now up by 1.5 games in the AL East. Canada is probably just so wild right now.
  3. The Pirates beat the Reds 7-3 in Cincinnati to get within 4.5 of the Cardinals in the NL Central and to cement their two-game lead over the Cubs for the Wild Card. Pittsburgh is getting stoked to raise the Jolly Roger all through October.

* Half Time *

Does This Jersey Make Me Look Fat?

Holy passive aggressive Bill Belichick! The Pats head coach was talking Thursday’s matchup between the Pats and the Steelers and commented on Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger’s weight of 241 saying “Oh yeah he was probably that in the eighth grade. He’s all of 241. Trust me.“ Big Ben was like I guess it’s a compliment? He then proceeded to suck-in and look in every reflective surface he passed by for the rest of the day.

Buried the Tape

There is that old adage about “burying the tape” when you have a bad game – aka to put the game behind you. Well, some Penn State players actually buried the game film in the practice field from their game on Saturday against Temple who beat them for the first time since 1941. Coach is like “wait, yes, I know I said bury the tape, but…I…we…we needed to study that…whatever.”

* Keep Your Eye on the Ball *

New AP Top 25 Released

Texas A&M’s win over Arizona State moved them to No. 16, and the AP said “see ya” to  ASU as they moved out of the rankings altogether. Utah and Mississippi State moved into the top 25, and there are now a record 10 SEC teams in the AP poll. The Big 10 prevailed and Ohio State is still numero uno.

* Play Under Review *

High Schoolers Who Attacked Ref May Face Charges

We wanted to wait to mention this until more developed, but it is too bizarre not to say something. Two high school football players targeted and blindsided a ref during a game this weekend. The incident is still being investigated, and if the ref files charges, the players would be looking at counts of assault.

* After Further Review *

Kansas State Band Punished

Ya make a weird band formation on the field, ya gonna get in trouble. Kansas State’s band director is facing a one-game suspension and a $5,000 fine for that weird little stunt they pulled on the field last weekend. According to the sanctions, it seems K-State was more upset about Kansas’ mascot being involved in the formation than it being “attacked by the Starship Enterprise.”

* Overtime *

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