TDR: Why do you think I came all this way?

* Off the bench *

* Leading off *


  • So on Friday the Bucks took a 2-0 series lead over the Raptors. They won 125-103, and it looked like they were rolling along toward greatness, until last night. Toronto proved they actually do have a little fight in them when last night’s Game 3 went into double overtime. Most of us were too busy watching Game of Thrones where **SPOILER ALERT** Bran randomly decided he def wanted to be king and literally every other character was like yep, ok, sounds good. BUT WHILE THAT WAS HAPPENING, Kawhi Leonard was fighting for his own place on the Iron Throne (I promise I won’t do any more Game of Thrones references now, that one was very lame. ) He landed awkwardly in the first quarter and probably, definitely injured himself, but he kept on keeping on. His teammates kept fouling out, and the Raptors blew their chance to secure the win in regulation by missing a couple of free throws with seven seconds left. But instead of getting down on themselves, the Raptors fought through two overtimes to actually get a win. Love a resilient moment! Good for you, Toronto. Way to spice up the conference finals.
  • On the other side of the finals, things are not spicy at all. The Warriors have a 3-0 lead in the series, and will probably just put the Trailblazers out of their misery tonight. On Saturday, Portland finally had home court advantage and looked like they were in a good spot for the first half. But then the Warriors were like ehhhh, we’re gonna ruin your hopes and dreams real quick, and won 110-99. Draymond Green has been really good in this post-season and had another triple-double on Saturday. So tonight we will see if Portland can survive and keep this thing going. Otherwise, the Warriors are headed to another Championship.

PGA Championship

If you google Brooks Koepka right now, the main thing that will pop up is that he shut down his girlfriend trying to kiss him as he walked toward the clubhouse before yesterday’s final round. Aside from that, he also won his fourth major championship yesterday. He has now won both the U.S. Open (2017, 2018)  and the PGA Championship (2018,2019) back-to-back. That is crazy. He started the day with a seven-shot lead, but squandered it late in the day. His good pal Dustin Johnson was coming after him, and it looked like we might have ourselves a close one toward the end, but, nope. Brooks still won. The best was watching all the NY fans completely turn on him. The minute they saw DJ nipping at his heels, they all just started rooting for chaos and chanted “DJ, DJ”. There are a lot of comparisons being thrown around currently that what he’s accomplished we haven’t seen since Tiger was in his prime. So now he is coming for the U.S. Open and legitimately is a contender to three-peat there.


Because the Bruins swept the Hurricanes, all eyes are now on the Western Conference Finals in the NHL Playoffs. The Sharks took the series lead last Wednesday after winning in a very dumb way (the refs missed a very obvious penalty to screw over St. Louis) but the Blues have exacted their revenge. They won on Friday to even up the series, and then they won again last night to take the 3-2 series lead. And when I say they won yesterday, I mean they blew the Sharks out 5-0. Yikes. So the Blues are now one win away from the Stanley Cup Finals. Game 6 is tomorrow night. A real do or die moment for the Sharks.

* Overtime *